Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The shop and some of my thoughts

Good morning, at least here it is.  When I'm not at home, I'm here at First Class Nails .  And If I'm not doing nails I'm usually cleaning the shop or upstairs sewing or yet again, I'm Blogging.  I think I see blogging as several things wrapped up in one.  Eclecticly being a form of a diary, having secret pals, scrap book and maybe, just maybe a form of enjoyment for someone else other than myself.

I'm hoping I have the site settings on for comments for you all.  I guess you can also post pictures. I'm not too sure about that yet.  I would like to see where your from, things you like to sew and your families too.

Tomorrow I'll be starting two bears for a lady who has lost her parents and wants bears made out of her mothers pajamas and her dads favorite shirt.  I'll take pictures of the pants and shirt tonight before I cut the patterns out in the morning.  Have a great day.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Tonia.. really enjoyed reading your thoughts this morning! Will look forward to more!