Saturday, January 6, 2018

Friday Night With Friends

Hi All,  what should have been a peaceful evening of sewing turned in to an  aggravating hunt through my scraps to make a  few simple blocks to be added with others donations for the fire victim quilts being assembled at .....
 In case you would like to add some blocks just hit the above link she has the info for the pattern.   Now back to my blocks.  Here is the culprit that really stymied my choices of fabric.  

California Fire Blocks at From My Carolina Home

Simple block but if the if the hues of the light and darks are not right, the over all pattern of the quilt won't show up right.   I finally gave up and went to my precuts and I think these will work.    Still looks kinda off to me but we will see.

I also had to pull some fabric for another baby quilt and thought these look ok.   

Now that I look at it I think I'll probably stick some pale yellow in it to.  Darker grey will be the backing .  Her only requests were elephants a grey and blue.  So I have some wiggle room.

I'm hoping to have the fire blocks in the mail early next week and maybe finishing a quilt by the end.  Since I feel like I put at least 3 miles in looking for the fabric (I have it stashed in all rooms) I'm tired.  Anyway, I'm satisfied with getting at least this done tonight.
I'm going to sit in front of the fire and read for a little while.  Everyone stay warm, and pray for all
 those out in this weather.

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Hug and blessings

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Duh Moment and OMG

I can't believe that on January 1st  I had already goofed up my 2018 plan.
That part of only taking on one extra activity on line.  I had forgotten that about 3 months
I had joined a new group of ladies called

I wanted to partake with this group to get out of my comfort zone and try some new techniques 
and learn new things at the same time.  So I will be staying on with them and hopefully do so.
Good part is that we will have 3months to design and create what ever the endeavor is.
Bad part for me is that it started in Nov. so I have to have it finished by Feb.1st.
Saving grace is I have already chosen how and what I was going to do.
Today, after I finish this post, I will be digging furiously through my stash for fabric.

Now on to my OMG, which is a must finish as well.  I have a commissioned baby quilt to be
done in black and browns.  REALLY?  I don't know about you but I had a hard time coming up with something with those colors and saying soft cuddly baby at the same time.  But here is what I'm working with for now.

This is nothing like it will be laid out,  I have a couple ideas rolling in my dead too.
I'll be visiting you ladies to see what your up to.  
It was six degrees in Ky. this morning.  Chickens were not happy.  
Just thankful we did not get that snow.  

Until next week,
Hugs and Blessings