Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Duh Moment and OMG

I can't believe that on January 1st  I had already goofed up my 2018 plan.
That part of only taking on one extra activity on line.  I had forgotten that about 3 months
I had joined a new group of ladies called https://theendeavourers.blogspot.co.uk.

I wanted to partake with this group to get out of my comfort zone and try some new techniques 
and learn new things at the same time.  So I will be staying on with them and hopefully do so.
Good part is that we will have 3months to design and create what ever the endeavor is.
Bad part for me is that it started in Nov. so I have to have it finished by Feb.1st.
Saving grace is I have already chosen how and what I was going to do.
Today, after I finish this post, I will be digging furiously through my stash for fabric.

Now on to my OMG, which is a must finish as well.  I have a commissioned baby quilt to be
done in black and browns.  REALLY?  I don't know about you but I had a hard time coming up with something with those colors and saying soft cuddly baby at the same time.  But here is what I'm working with for now.

This is nothing like it will be laid out,  I have a couple ideas rolling in my dead too.
I'll be visiting you ladies to see what your up to.  
It was six degrees in Ky. this morning.  Chickens were not happy.  
Just thankful we did not get that snow.  

Until next week,
Hugs and Blessings


  1. Looks like you are going to have a busy month. Those colors for the baby quilt would be a challenge for me but I love the sock monkey fabric.

  2. Black & brown isn't a traditional baby colour but it seems that new parents are going to colours that aren't the norm...not altogether a bad thing.

  3. It is hard to work colours that are not your favourite. Love the sock monkey fabric...it will add interest.

  4. Actually< I love the color brown. The fabrics you choose are perfect. 6 is really cold. we also had very low temps, and no snow here, either.

  5. Hi Tonia, oh those colours sound challenging for a baby quilt, but I'm sure you'll make something really lovely!

  6. You know, I wouldn't think of those for a baby quilt at all, but seeing your selections laid out, I'm really digging it!

  7. Hi Tonia i love your selection,i think this will be fantastic xx

  8. With ric real and his name you on your way to being very successful with this Quilt. And good job challenging yourself as you are.

  9. Will be looking forward to seeing your Endeavourers quilt! :-)

  10. Good luck with the baby quilt! I am heading over to the Endeavourers to check it out!

  11. Good luck with your Endeavourers group. I admire that you are challenging yourself outside your comfort zone.

    I like the colors you chose. Those are tough colors for a baby quilt. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  12. Good heavens, you're as cold as we are north of you on Lake Erie's northern shore! Single digits, be gone! I agree browns is a tough choice and doesn't 'speak' baby to me, but so far it's looking exactly as ordered, soft and cuddly. :-)

  13. Browns are not my first choice for babies either but your quilt looks lovely and I like that you are including his name. I'm also looking forward to your Endeavourers reveal :)