Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

Hello Ladies.
I was so happy to participate in this exchange.  Thank you so much Stephanie for doing this again this year.
I must apologize for being late in my post, how every my partner did receive her package on time.
I also received a beautiful package a well.  I will share in a moment. 
I just got out of the hospital a few days ago with unexpected heart issues.  While I already have a stint the Doctor was surprised this was not the issue again after the heart chath.  My heart seem to be weak and not pumping enough blood through my system.  Medication seems to be helping but in 3 more weeks I'm to start cardio therapy exercises.  My point being would you please pray that this takes care of the situation and I'm able to get off the extra medication.  I also have 25 more lbs to loose.

Now on to the exchange,  I had a great partner  and I'm thrilled with my goodies. every thing was wrapped so prettily.

I told you I had a great partner

I did the mug group this year,  for a mug I think this is so lady like and beautiful. 


A beautiful yardage of fabric, bookmark and lotion  


                                                                A sweet tea towel

Love me some chocolate.

 I use my coaster all the time.

While I did not mention every item, all will be used and are appreciated.
Please know this was a uplifting moment in a scary time.  Thank you

Hoping all is well with everyone.
Blessing to you and yours

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Great Fun Time Coming

Gooood Morning to all,
Stephanie at the "Enchanting Rose" is having the 12th annual Tea Cup Exchange.
I have participated in the fun time several times and have made a few lasting friendships.
I wanted to share because most of you seem to be having such ugly weather for Spring and
this could help bring a Spring attitude to the forefront of our thoughts. And as mentioned before I'm soooo ready.  It is still snowing one day and 70 degrees the next here in Kentucky.  With snow in the forecast again this week.
The link will be at the end of this post if you should like to sign up for this years exchange.
Or on the side bar.

This is what my exchange partner, Roxy at From Glory to Glory  so sweetly gifted me with in 2016

Quite a lovely package. 

a large sturdy tea cup I regularly use while not being afraid of chipping or breaking it.

I absolutely love the beautiful apron and wear it when I'm serving others.   It's the only nice one I have left that is not stained and old as the hills.  
Hmmm, I see a project coming up.

Such a cute creamer, and tea keep.  I do carry the tea keep when visiting or dining with others.

Even the little roses are hand made on this lovely little sachet.  It hangs on a shelf over my bed.

 And a handmade book mark that has now seen it better days but still in use. 
I failed to mentioned that the apron, sachet, and tea keep were made by Roxy as well.
It was a delightful time opening each of  the items she gifted me with and they still speak to my heart
when using them.
I'm so looking forward to this years exchange.

Go on over and visit Stephanie and join up.  Browse around her blog too, she has some beautiful projects she shares.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sew Ready for Spring

Since we just have gotten 6 inches of snow ,this is the only hint of Spring right now.  And I'm going to take it.  How about you, ready for some  bloomin' flowers?  


Go visit Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks Here. for information and join up

Very simple and stress free hop.  Hope to see you there.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Favorite tutorial for Hands 2 Help

I started sewing bears several years go in between quilting.  It is something I had really enjoyed doing, but I needed a better method of closing up my plushies because I started selling them.  I was told of a  ladder stitch method and finally perfected it on my own.  (Duh, I forget about Googling stuff).  However , Julie at Crafty Quilter shared this great tutorial a week or so ago.  Hopefully it will help save someone else some time. if they should find themselves closing pillows, plushies or what ever needs closing nicely. After you have practiced a couple of times it will become unnoticeable.

The tutorial is by and can be hound here.

MY latest plushie is  sweet,  but very shy.  but willing to show you her stitches.

While the area is visible, her stitches are not.  Patience is my first Platypus, so her siblings should improve with age. 

Hugs and Blessing to you and yours.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Small Smaller and Smallest

Good morning all, 
I'm just going to cut to the chase here, 
I had several ideas I wanted to tray for this, so I decided to do all three.  The small project being first
A baby doll quilt out of a extra block.     .

The smaller being next of course.
Can't decide if I like the vintage buttons or not, so I just used a dot of glue hold them.
I'm thinking of tying them with some black heavy thread.  Do you think that would help? 
or take them off?

Of course that brings us to the smallest.
He is made of a vintage wool ladies blazer.

I found sometimes small is not as easy as it looks.
I had a lot of fun though.

That's my version of Small  Smaller  Smallest
I want to thank Carol for hosting hop, no stress, just fun.
Hope you enjoyed the visit.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see the other ladies.
In case you missed any day of the hop here is the entire list of participants.

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Endeavors Challenge

In the late November or early December I joined the Endeavors. This consisted of a group of ladies who were interested in broadening their ideas and abilities in mediums of art with fabric.
Sounded interesting and definitely  a challenge.  We all suggested some topics  and the host picked  one out at random, that being "Nature".  We had 3 months to design our thoughts and finish our project.

What  with Christmas coming up and life "stuff" there was no activity on the sight.  Now with me out of sight out of mind.  So I totally forgot about it.   OUCH!  About 3 or 4 wks. ago someone posted about the project coming up.  The only thing I had done at that point was my design.  My bad,  I can't really blame anyone but my self.  I already had this years calendar.  Just did not write it down.  I'm not even go into the things that have happened up until now.  And it seems I not alone.  And like the others,  I will  have my project finish in time for the next challenge.   Not through circumstances I can  help that is.

Okay, here we go.  My design basics.

First choice of base fabric

Back ground I went with.  Sorry, it's snowing now so no sharp colors.
This will depict the four seasons starting with winter on top and finishing with fall on the bottom
Nature was such a broad theme.  I figured this covered a nice chunk of it.

 There will be a lot of small piecing

This is some of the fabric picked out so far

I'm fairly pleased with what is done so far.  But but totally frustrated I could not finish on time.
I'm think of entering this in the fair if it finishes well.   

  Hooray, the parts are in for my quilter here and will be put on tomorrow.  Maybe the drama is over.
When the time comes I will be quilting free style on my domestic.
Please visit the Endeavourers   HERE

There are some very pretty and interesting work being shared.

Hugs and blessings being sent your way.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Foiled by default....OMG

I have the OMG quilt pieced and sandwiched.  Next up for quilting, when a welding joint broke on my quilting machine.   BAH HUMBUG!  (My new bad word).  Good thing it is still under warranty and they are shipping out the parts in about a week.

So that gave me time to start on one February's OMG.
But I'm going to tack on a surprise with this.
And a give away as well. 

Cute fabric but needs some pizzazz.  I'm thinking on it.

Hope every one made their goals this month.
Blessings to all.