Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Morning,
I feel a little overwhelmed this particular minuet.  I look at the blogs of my peers and wonder how they get everything done.  Those with storefronts have  maintenance  (breakdowns, cleaning, ordering, and selling, etc.) to contend with, then have to go home and do family matters. And if that is not enough they seem to have etsy accounts, they blog, face book and twitter. And on top of all those they have to find time to make and or create their craft. I don't know where personal time comes in.  Being single and or retired  would help I guess,  according to what side of the fence your on. 
Just learning how to blog, use face book and set up an etsy account has taken up all the spare time I have and I'm not going to talk of the frustration of doing that much. ( I guess I just lied.)  I do have a store front and I'm almost 66 and not as quick as I use to be.  I guess I just wanted everything to be easy and an over night success.  We all know better than that.

 I think this may be part of my problem.  Boxing up the last of Christmas, there always seems to be a melancholy feeling while doing this.  But then it seem like in a month or two we are dragging it back out

It's getting bare, the last ornaments to come off, more needles on the floor and then good bye. 

I can hardly wait till spring.  WOW!  I'm going out and buy some spring fabric.  There has been something I want to make for the front door for the shop.  I'll share when I get all the kinks worked out.

 I do feel better now after talking this out with you.  And will continue to go forward with having a successful blog.  I think I will just sew for awhile and get a few more babushkas and baby quilts done.  I have my etsy store built but will wait a couple of more months before opening.

I'm going to get my blog friendlier and more desirable and helpful to come back to. I truly covet any suggestions and help.  I get so much out of some of the blogs I read. I just want to pass it on. 

I pray you stay warm and safe with this winter storm. 
Blessing till Tomorrow


  1. Your blog is just lovely, Tonia! I am one of those people who does seem to get a lot done. I am a major insomniac..have been my entire life and I can remember it back to age 4. No one has been able to help me, and it could be so challenging and depressing if I let it, so instead..I do and make good things! As I got older and older (I am 64) I found that the more I do, the more I could do and I'm not even very fast at most of it. I am just persistent! Photos help a blog a lot, and you have those! Links like leaving a comment as you did on my blog, brought me to yours..and that was how I 'grew' my blog. Other than that, it is really only about people, connecting with others, and not about how much we do or how talented we are at doing it! And just by being you, and writing the comment that you did, I hopped over here and now we are friends!

  2. Thanks for you encouraging words. I'm kinda sorry about your insomnia though. I guess I will be happy with what I can do and still sleep. I am a persistent person too, so I guess I'll just keep pluggin on and see what happens. thanks again.

  3. I'm always feeling like I can't keep up too! Don't stress just do what you can. I try to tell myself...I quilt for fun:) not to keep up with everyone else. Doing great so far.

  4. I always do marathon postings on the weekends and then schedule them out for every other day. If something blog worthy happens, I squeeze it in. That way, my work and family still get taken care of. Oh, and I stopped doing housework, hahaha. Not really! But I am sort of a housework slacker!

  5. Don't worry about keeping up with everyone else, just do and share what you want. It IS your blog! Yarni had a great suggestion too about writing a couple blog posts when you have time, then scheduling them on different days.