Sunday, February 23, 2014

repurposed cubby holes and the Queen

  We will start with the Queen.  Her name is Mally, named before we adopted her when she was five.  Mally  just turned twenty.  By her age and her attitude she is the patriarch in this house hold.  Even though she is blind and deaf,  she lets nothing by her.  The vet says she is healthy for her age and just don't move the furniture.   I'm sorta killing two birds with one stone here I wanted to show the quilt my sister-in-law gave us for a house warming gift when the old house burned down (4 yrs ago last Christmas).  It is where I got my color scheme.  Sorry, I did not realize that it was at the foot of the bed and not showing.

Her Highness napping.  And as you can see the cabinet in the corner .  But hidden in  the corner is some of my hidy holes places.  The filing cabinet was black when I got it at a thrift shop and then spray painted teal.I'm a reader at night to relax before sleeping.  The top drawer holds my book of the moment, lotions and girly night stuff in the front.   And all my quilting magazines  in the back.

  Then the bottom drawer holds some of my flannel and fleece,  I'm looking for another filing cabinet for the other side for the rest of my fleece.  The drawers are nice and deep.

  Now that you are nice and close you can see the suit cases.  I like the vintage look too,  But they are not noticeable  unless your right up on them .


                                                                        and Mally wondering what I'm up to.

  As you can see , I keep my yarns and chenille in the suit cases.  It keep them clean and out of the way until I need to use them for some project.  I've learned the hard way don't ever get rid of any thing, because that is when you need it.

        Maybe someone can use  one of these ideas.   I'm always looking for some where to stash something.
        Have a good and safe week.

                 P.S.    I took a last minuet shot to show the quilt.  And yes she is on the bed 90% of the time.   Bye  


  1. Well, Royalty can get away with murder and it looks like your Mally does. We had a Labrador, Honey, who was blind and deaf. She always went out with us without a lead and had no trouble finding her way.
    What a fab House warming gift the Quilt was.
    I have a bedside cabinet laying idle on the other side of the bed, I am off to re-purpose it with stash.
    Hugs x

  2. Beautiful cat, beautiful room, beautiful quilt ... :) Pat