Friday, June 27, 2014

I Won! I Won!

          I want to thank Paula Hughes for her "sewing machine mat" give away at        

Is this not the cutest thing and now I can find my seam ripper and magnifier glass that would normally be  under all the paper and fabric.  Don't let me fool you my real sewing table is never this clear.

She has some great tutorials  and  beautiful quilts she shares.  There is always something to learn there.  You'll want to go and visit with her..

Thanks one more time Paula. 


  1. How wonderful, you lucky girl.

  2. How cute! It fits perfectly. You are just gonna love it:) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Well now isn't that just as cute as can be...I NEED one of those!

  4. I need me one of these... I start off clean table, but it only lasts for so long! Congratulations lucky lady!