Saturday, August 2, 2014

Making new friends

I have joined a group of ladies on "ETSY". They appear to be from all over the United States and several other countries. The ones I've actually talked with so far are nice and very patience. This group is a bunch of energized women that encourage each other to prepare their places of business for the upcoming holidays by giving tips, coming up with new ways to get their name in the public's eye, critiquing each others pages etc.

 I'm going to introduce some of them as I visit their blogs and find beautiful and interesting pieces of what they share with their viewers. You too might find new friends. So grab your beverage of choice and here we go.

Lin has a quick sense of humor and seems to enjoy helping others.  She has pulled me out of trouble a couple of times when I get frustrated with catching on to different concepts of building  my business.  She helps me laugh and get over myself.

    Lin is refreshingly unique in the look of her art of creating collages and cards . 
her four pieces (in the middle) at the New Hope Gallery is a fine example of her canvas art, she also makes cards of several styles..

I would like these in my master bath room  with lots of frilly things around.  I don't think hubby would care for that though.

I'm getting ready for a couple of the blog hops coming soon so you should see more of me. Check out these               hops you might want to join.
This should be a great time by all, and if you'r not able to join in, then just come by and see the fun.


  1. I absolutely love Rhodyart, Lin's shop on etsy - I never buy cards anywhere else now, and people love getting them - they're not only funny and beautiful at the same time, they're little works of art that can be enjoyed forever. Looking forward to the blog hops!

  2. I am with you...those would be great with a lot of pretties around them....i am hopping over to your Etsy site to see what you have now... :)