Friday, September 5, 2014

See You in September

Morning Ladies,

Glad to be back sewing and enjoyed sewing with the Riley Blake Designs gingham.  Got a little cross eyed a couple of times, but it straightened out okay. 8-)  I would like to thank Mdm. Samm and  Shari for the work in getting this Hop together.

  This is my first free hand quilting that I have attempted.  Even though it is a little rough I'm still pleased with it.  After all I can only get better. The pattern called for it to be ragged out.  But the pictures were taken before I washed it.

  Be sure and visit all the blogs participating in this hop.  Go back and visits yesterdays if you haven't,  there were some real nice things.  You may even get some new ideas.

  Don't forget when looking at these pictures, this is my first attempt at quilting 
free motion quilted with bright summer colors,


                              I know, I know, but I gave it a good shot anyway.                            


I had to stitch in the ditch here because of the ragging.

As a last minuet thought I showed part of the back

Oh, by the way I'm changing one of the off colors in my kitchen to red from blue.  As you can see I'm not done yet.  Maybe another hop would take care of that.  That seems to be the only way to get anything done for myself.


Another thing that I made this summer is a quilted pad for a baby cradle that I found in a yard sale.  I just painted it white and an old quilt I had also found that I use for some of my dolls I made to fit the bottom of the cradle.  This I thought would make a good prop for pictures of the dolls on etsy.  I went in the house to get the camera and found Don and Sue trying it out for size.  But it does give you a reference for size.


 I made a white blanket and pillow out of fleece but forgot to put it in.
                                                                   It's Sue's fault

and this pin cushion I made for a friend in the UK , Cally if you are watching then that would be you.

and lastly this little sofftie was made out of scrapes from a vintage 
womens jacket.

Well, there you go, hope you found something you liked,  or maybe something sparked an idea for you.
I would enjoy hearing from you.  Be sure and visit the other blogs listed below, and have a good time.

Hope you enjoy the hop and have a Blessed day.

I notices by some of this mornings 
comments I stated that wrong,I 
should have said free motion quilting.
I was referring mainly to the outside
row.  Sorry about that.

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  1. What lovely projects! You have done a fantastic job with your table runner. I also find the quilting the hardest part but it's practice, practice, practice it seems. Love the photo of the chicken checking out the cradle - ha! and the heart is the sweetest!

  2. Your table runner is so lovely and a fantastic job. I can't quilt by hand so I prefer to machine quilt. I have fallen in love with free motion quilting. Sue seems to be a lovely lady hen.
    Greetings from Sweden

  3. Morning Hon. Yes I am watching :0)
    I love the Pin Cushion, many thanks.
    What a great find you had with the little crib. Sue looks a bit bemused by the whole episode.
    I am very impressed with your first attempt at Quilting.
    This morning I am off to my sewing group to start a "Foundation piecing" (I thing that is what it is called) Throw for the back of my sofa at Christmas.
    Hugs x

  4. I love all your projects, you are braver than me trying quilting and it looks lovely on your table. I love the cot quilt and your cute heart. I might shamelessly copy the idea for embellishing the heart.

  5. I love chickens, used to have lots of them when I was living in Africa, and my fav. was MAX the rooster and LIBERTY, the most energetic hen (and hen Nr. 1 in the hierarchy) and best hen-mom ever! And I love your table topper, the colours, the design! Well done!

  6. Oh, I just love your table runner, I think it all came together just perfectly...and what a table setting...yup, just perfect! Sue is the cutest hen ever...what a great photo! Such cute little projects...a summer of sewing success. Thank you!

  7. Tonia your table runner is wonderful! I thought the quilting was perfect for that piece...when it's a rag quilt it's hard to put too much quilting on it. And I love the cradle. I had an iron one once upon a time but sent it off to a sweet little friend. These days I'm wishing I had it back. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Hi Tonia..your breakfast runner is lovely..quilting the colours...cradle is very cute...your puppy a treasure...

  9. I think your quilt is lovely! The picture of hubby & chicken is awesome, and I'm in love with that heart-shaped pincushion :)

  10. Such sweet projects! I really love the table runner.

  11. really.....first time quilting???? Just lovely ....I love the runner! the pin cushion is adorable

  12. Cute projects! I think you did a great job on your quilting project. Keep up the good work.

  13. The cradle is adorable! The table runner is great.. and your first hand quilting. You did good!

  14. What wonderful projects and I just love the gingham table runner!!

  15. I think that the quilt is just lovely, and your first attemp at quilting is a great job, I am still in the stright stich leaug myself and the ditch leaug. Great showing of the projects especialy with your husban and Sue.

  16. Great quilting job! The runner is fabulous! and the cradle it too cute. All your projects are wonderful. Looks like you had a great summer!

  17. I love your new table runner and you did a great job on the quilting!
    The doll bed and pad are so sweet. They will make a great prop! Your little pin cushion and Scottie softie are also adorable!

  18. Your first attempt at free motion is great Tonia, I love your table runner ! Is that pretty chicken Sue a buff ? I had a cradle like that when I was a little girl, so yours is an antique for sure !

  19. Your free motion quilting is so much more daring than mine is right now!!! I LOVE IT! You will only have more fun with it as time goes on! Can't wait to see more of it!
    and that little crib quilt...sooo sweet. FAVORITE!

  20. FMQ just takes practic and then you will be gliding along on everything. I love the photo of the runner on the table - what a bright spot to enjoy a meal with someone. Love the idea of softies from repurposed - your Scottie is wonderful.

  21. What a beautiful table runner. If it's your first quilting project...your on your way! You did a great job. I love seeing refurbished things, and look forward to seeing more of you! Congrats on the most creative of the day! Well deserved!

  22. Beautiful table runner and love the crib quilt!

  23. You are a zillion steps ahead of me when I began quilting! You did a really nice job and truthfully, I would have never known it was your first attempt at quilting if you had not told us! I'm hoping this project will inspire you and give you the confidence to try something bigger until you make an entire quilt. I would start with a lap size quilt!! Very Creative indeed!
    Gmama Jane

  24. I think your quilting looks perfect to me on that sweet table runner. I don't hand quilt or FMQ, so I'm impressed! That baby quilt in the cradle is just so adorable (and so are the two models getting ready to try it out.) Great summer projects!

  25. Your table looks so pretty with that darling table runner and the cheery yellow dishes. The baby cradle looks wonderful too.

  26. Your table topper is gorgeous. I like the colors you choose and if that was your first quilting project. ..well, you were ment to quilt, fine job. I also liked your cradle pad and pillow, sweet!

  27. The table runner is really cute and I think you did a nice job on it! The cradle is darling and I agree that will be a wonderful for picture taking. Congratulations on being chosen for the "creative of the day" and thanks for sharing your creations with us today. :-)

  28. Just loove your tablerunner. So cute! And your other projects are so sweet too!

  29. What a cute table runner! Congratulations on your first and here's to many more!!

  30. Your runner is awesome - and HELLO LITTLE CHICKEN!! hahahaha!!

  31. Your table runner is beautiful! Sue looks like she would love the cradle for herself. Thank you for sharing.

  32. I'm not a quilter so can't comment on techniques but I really like the pattern and colors. We all have to learn and it's refreshing that you talk about the process. Mistakes are opportunities to learn

  33. Fabulous work for being your first quilting. I cannot see some of your photos (gremlins I think) however I do see Sue and your cute husband with the little cradle and quilt. Wonderful table runner I see. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Gingham Bliss...

  34. Love your table runner.... it's just perfect with those happy yellow dishes! And Sue..... what a hoot! Thanks for sharing all of these great projects today!

  35. Wow! You;ve had a busy summer. I love the table runner with the chickens, so cute. Thanks for sharing and keep up the quilting-you're brave, in my book, to do the hand quiting. I do some small projects as well, but leave the big ones to the professionals. Thanks for sharing.

  36. This is a lovely country gingham table runner and I love it. The photo of the doll cradle with Sue and Don is going to be my favorite in the hop. I always know it when I see it. Thanks so much for the smiles and sharing your summer ... :) Pat

  37. I love the table runner. It looks so country with the yellow dishes and your quilting looks awesome. I think you did a really great job. I really love the cradle, too. And your other projects are very pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  38. What a nice table runner and great free motion quilting, especially for the first time! And yes, thank goodness for blog hops to get things done for ourselves. I love that doll cradle too! Very lovely projects!

  39. Are you kidding, your quilting project looks great!!! Love all your projects! :)

  40. Well pat yourself on the back for a very long time because your Runner is Beautiful!! It is sew beautifully country!! Love the Doll Cradle and Sweet Pin Cushion too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful summer creations with us!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  41. Great first attempt and perfect for fall!

  42. The runner is perfect and I would never, never know it's your first attempt at quilting. It is phenomenal. The pin cushion is sweet and your UK friend is going to be blessed. The Scottie made from the jacket is adorable. Great projects. The doll cradle is prefect to focus your dolls. Thanks for sharing your summer with us. It was a great one!

  43. Wow, you have a great beginning quilting project. No need to apologize; it's wonderful. Sure did smile when I saw the chicken being used as a prop to the cradle; that's a new one!! :)

  44. Love all your projects - great table runner and there is nothing wrong with your quilting!!! Must admit I kinda fell for Sue!!!

  45. Love Sue! :)
    Your table runner looks great.

  46. The table runner looks great; so sunny and happy. I would never have guessed it was your first quilting project.

  47. Love your table runner! The colors are just perfection together. It makes me smile. You did some great free motion quilting. Your other projects are great also. ;)

  48. Your chooks look great! The table runner as well as the real life one. I loved the fabric choices in your little quilt. Adorable. The pincushion is great also.....And that little dog is just too cute. Thank you for showing of your amazing skills!

  49. I am learning free motion quilting too, it is so hard!! Your quilting looks great. We are always our worst critics!! I love the pic of your chicken with that adorable cradle is priceless....I bet that would be the fanciest coop ever!! Thank you for sharing your summer projects!!


  50. You did a fabulous job. Congratulations on being chosen by Madame Samm. Looks like you had a great summer. Love seeing Sue modeling with your husband.

  51. Good job, love your projects. Your table runner is very cute.

  52. So glad you have jumped in with the wonderful women in these blog hops! I am a recent jumper-inner too and everyone is soooo nice and supportive. Your table runner rocks! I am so glad you were in the spotlight today...woot! Woot!

  53. Love your table runner and the quilting looks great!

  54. What a cute table runner. Love it!

  55. Blog hops are perfect for pushing us to finish our projects, for sure. Your table runner is so cute and your first attempt at free motion is awesome. I'm always looking at my first one and it is "so" not as good as yours. You had wonderful summer projects.

  56. These hops are great for getting home projects jump started I have found. Tonia, don't apologize about your quilting! I've been at it for 26 years now and still would rather do anything but free motion! It looks fine. The runner looks wonderful on your table.

  57. You are talking yourself down way too fast! I think you did a great job on your FMQ, I love the outside border :) Thank you for sharing your projects!

  58. Great summer projects! Your table runner looks so nice on your table with the yellow dishes. Nice job on the quilting!

  59. You did a wonderful job with the FMQ!! I love the gingham which you used!! Beautiful projects!!

  60. I love the table is the perfect pattern for those whimsical fabrics!

  61. THIS tablerunner is so cute, love it!
    All your summerprojects are great, thanks for sharing!

  62. I love your projects especially the little scotty dog. Thanks for sharing. Susie x

  63. Hi Tonia! I loved all of your projects from your sweet chicken runner to the little mini schnauzer at the end. Maybe next time I'll see a dachshund...or I may just try one for myself. Thank you for sharing~ Adrienne

  64. I love your yellow gingham and your chickens are wonderful! So glad I stopped by.

  65. Toni...luv the yellow gingham in your table cheery and bright. Luv the chicken too and the wee quilt for the cradle is darling. Definitely some fun summer sewing was going on at your place. Congrats on being featured today!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  66. Toni... Blogger is having issues it seems with the email links in our profiles. You won my giveaway for the hop. please send me your mailing information to my email.

    thearica at crazyquiltingsupplies dot com

    Thanks so much!

  67. I am a little partial to poultry in decor and I think your table runner is delightfully colorful and cheery! My oldest daughter was given a doll crib by her grandparents and her little girl(my granddaughter) has it today. It is very similar to the one in your pictures. Your friend is fortunate to be given that lovely heart pincushion and that little Scottie is really cute. You sewed all beautifully!