Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ending of a great year and a surprise win!

Ladies,  I truly enjoyed my first year of blogging with you all.   I learned a lot, laughed a lot and even cried with a few of you.  I'm looking forward to even a better New Year.  I finally retired.  The shop has not sold yet, but it will.  Don and I went to Bardstown Ky. to get away for a few days.  I found a shop there that will carry my dolls,bears and quilts plus Dons paintings.  That should keep us busy should we decide to do it.  I'm still wanting to try ETSY, even though my account is open I only have 4 items for sale.  But I can take care of that now that I'm home for good.

The atmosphere here is that of a small home town, which it is.  It has a lot of tourists though.  It is an bourbon county, which is also a good draw of tourists.

Did you notice the candy canes in his pocket   l
Santa resting

This was just a couple of the shops.  Don took me on a nite carriage ride to see the light-up Bardstown but none of the pictures turned out. Guess I had better get the old instruction book out again.

Don picked and preserved persimmons for Christmas cookies and pudding. Which he also bakes himself.  The girls just had to see what he had.

He did all the work by himself.  I was proud of him.  Well I did clean up the mess, but he gets better as he goes.  I think I'll try him out on cobbler this spring.

Pretty huh?

And now for the win.

Eileen, at had a Christmas contest and I won.  You will want to go to her web site and enjoy all the seasons decorating ideas.  She has a fantastic imagination and an eye for beauty, she just doesn't stop.   It will be an enjoyable visit and I bet you go back.  My lighting wasn't good because of the sun coming in the window but the boxes turned out pretty good.  I received $130.00 worth of Hallmark ornaments.  They are so cute, I'm sorry I couldn't do them justice.  Thank you very much Eileen for the give-away.

I thought this was a pretty good ending to 2014 year.  May God bless our next one.  I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year.


  1. I've never even tried persimmons.... the final result looks delicious! What a wonderful giveaway of ornaments...enjoy! Last but not least... have a happy, healthy New Year!

  2. Just came across your blog..we have some friends in common, and I have chickens and a small doll bed, but I never considered putting one of my hens in a bed. Such a novel concept, I'm usually just climbing into the coop with mine ;-) And I still believe with Santa and if you live with him, well then, hi there Mrs. Santa! A very cute blog and a good read this first morning of the new year. Now you come on over and learn all about my crazy life! I'm originally from an island in Alaska, married an Oregonian many decades ago and still live here with lots of visits up North to reconnect with my roots, family, and the places I still love. Marking you down for my blog list. I have almost a thousand but I visit a rotating 25-35 a day when I'm not sewing, quilting and crafting. And I do a lot of all of those. Happy New Year to someone who already feels like a new friend!

  3. Sounds like 2015 is going to be a very good year for you. That dessert does look yummy. I've never had a persimmon but I always heard they are bitter. Does your husband get mistaken as Santa at this time of year?

  4. What a lovely little town! Thanks for sharing the photos. What an awesome win you had with the Hallmark ornaments. Lovely!

  5. What a wonderful win Tonia - so fun to get new ornaments. And that town was pretty amazing. I love visiting places like that. I've never tried persimmons - aren't they bitter? blessings, marlene