Sunday, March 29, 2015

A new adventure

Hello all,  I been sewing a little, actually more than usual lately. I'm finally finished emptying out  the old shop and try to find a place to put the fabric I had stored there.  That is a chore in itself.  Another day.  Now My new adventure,  I was included in a co-op of ladies that run a craft shop in Bardstown Kentucky.  About 45 minutes away from my home.  Don and I visited last November for a couple of days of R&R.  I fell in love with this shop.  So friendly and all great work with many mediums.  I just called out of the blue a couple of days ago to see if they had any openings coming up, she told me to send pictures.  Friday she said I would fit in nicely.  So in two weeks I'm going to set up my space at
the Artists Barrell. 

 Here are a few things I have finished this week, to add to what I already had ready for etsy.  Which I having second thoughts about.  But I'm still thinkin.  The set of bears were made of vintage corduroy. One being a pair of mens slacks and the other was a women's skort.  Anyone remember those?  The Babushka was adorned with parts of a ladies brooch.  A lot of bling, I'm having trouble getting it to show in pictures though.

Needless to say I'm excited about the whole thing and it has my creative juices flowing again.  This week I'm adding a owl and a doll that would be safe for an infant.

Well I'm closing with a video of an amazing group of vocals I think you will enjoy.  I now they amazed me.       Hotel California Acapella Mix Beatbox


  1. WONDERFUL! Just sent you a private email. :)

  2. I sure love those bears!!!! I wish you such goodness with your new venture!!!!