Thursday, October 15, 2015

Black Cat and all

Fall Greetings

The weather here in Kentucky is beautiful and still warm, but getting ready to change this week end.  Thought I would share a little outside before our first frost.  Don't know about you but I'm a warm weather gal.  Meet Casper our only remaining outside cat of 13 that was here when we moved in  about 20 yrs ago.  All were ferrell, but we managed to tame all but a couple that disappeared over time.  We back up into a national forest with coyotes and such.  Now back to Casper.  Those recognizing the name will be telling their age.  If you have to ask you are safe.  She was named such because for a long time we never saw her and only knew she existed because food was missing. She was in the last litter of the last female to be spayed.  She is about 12yrs old and still only petted by me.  But she does like the camera.  And loves the dogs.

The deer are out full force, we have 3 or 4 in the front yard every morning.  And a young buck and a couple of young does in the back at the same time.   I love watching them but they are eating my flowers now.  However the flowers would be dead in a couple of days anyway. That makes me feel a little better.  I often wonder where they go during the summer because they only show up here in early spring and fall.

Leaves are falling but not much color yet, I guess after the frost.  This is a black eyed susan vine I discovered late this spring and is just getting a good start.  It is self seeding so next year it should do well, It is climbing up our bird feeder.  

I like to make soft sculptured house out of my fabric scraps and this little house came to mind for fall, Don and I set up in Bardstown Ky with a co-op of ladies at the Artist Barrell. Hence the price tag.  Don carved the little button at the bottom of the door for me.  I hand embroidered the spider in the attic and the pumpkin stem.    I got an embroidery machine last year and haven't learned to use it yet. Shame on me.

Would you all be interested in seeing some of my houses later? 

Don had to change and replace the front tractor tires. and they made a nice planter for the mums but I'll put petunias in the next year.  Not a very pretty spot but I'm trying to dissuade people from cutting off the driveway to the barn and making a mess.   Marybeth had surgery two week ago and last week after they took out the stitches she tore them out again, so back into the cone she went.  She grazes more than any cow.

I haven't decorated outside yet, one excuse is Don hasn't gotten the decoration down from garage attic.  But mostly I just haven't had the heart. Unlike other bloggers, nothing is pristine around here.  Thinking about it right now... I just might skip it and wait for Christmas.  I have so much sewing to get done for the shop.  Am I being too bad.  You think I will be sorry when Thanksgiving
rolls around?


I might have a change of mind.  Ya think?

Love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. The look on Casper's face tells it pictures!!!

    I only have ONE Halloween decoration out, so far. I do plan to decorate for fall / Thanksgiving, it's just taking me a while to get around to it. Our lives are so busy, aren't they? I think if you and I set aside some time to get started on the fall decorating then we may actually get into it. I'll let you know how that works for me, LOL.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Your comment about the embroidery machine made me smile. I also purchased an embroidery machine and, after the initial try-out, have only used it for normal sewing. Over the Pond we do not really decorate for Autumn and Halloween. If we are having a party for the 31st or to let Trick or Treat callers they are welcome.
    Poor Marybeth in her "cone of shame" (So called over here, but I don't know why) I hope the stitches can come out soon.

  3. I don't have any fall decorations out and probably won't do anything until Christmas either. Poor little Marybeth. Those cones are such a pain. Has she got you in the back of the knees yet?

  4. I finally dug out a couple of fall things and some halloween decor, only because I needed them for props for my Halloween Haunts Blog Hop. I didn't even come close to dragging out all I had. My mom is coming for a visit on Thurs from Missouri so I thought I better spruce up the place a little. lol

  5. I used to have a black cat named "Shadow" so seeing your Casper brings back some sweet memories of him. Love that sculptured house!

  6. How nice to take a morning stroll around your home! Love all the photos of your furry visitors and pets. You made me laugh when you mentioned that Marybeth grazes more than any cow! And don't you worry about appearances. Things are far from pristine around our place. We have that lived in look and are quite proud of it!

  7. It looks like you are enjoying a pretty, green fall in your neck of the woods and all of your critters have a beautiful place to call home. We don't do pristine. My mother was horrified when she heard me mention that I had posted pictures of our dilapidated chicken coop. LOL.
    You little fabric house is darling - such a clever way to use those pretty fabric scraps!
    And my house is not decorated for fall either. I took out three pieces just this week. Until now, we've still had warm weather and it didn't feel like fall, regardless of what the calendar was telling me. Thanksgiving is still a ways away so you have time if the mood strikes. I've got to mow one last time before I can put the mower to rest for the winter so perhaps I'll feel more like decorating then.
    I hope Marybeth is now cone free! :)

  8. this is a great post. I live 3 blocks from a County Park and there was a young buck in our yard this morning. All of my husband's family live in our 3 square block neighborhood. My SIL cares for feral cats and has taken 3 in and are tame only to she and her husband and feeds which ever ones come to her patio door. Decorating for the holidays was a lot easier when the kids were little. I don't go all out so much anymore.