Friday, March 25, 2016

I beat the Holiday! I wonder about me?

I've had this post ready for about two weeks, now why have I not posted it?  Let's see, too busy? Maybe a little, but not really.  Out of town?  I wish.  Computer was down?  A big no, thank God.
I forgot?  Man I hate to admit that.  So I'm not going to.  But at least I got it here before Easter.
That a plus, right?  This is the first time I have decorated for a holiday other than Christmas (tree only) since let's see, 2011.  Don't know exactly why, my heart just not has been in it.  But enough is enough.  So here is a small start.

I forgot , yet again, to hang the Easter tags that that were downloadable with the directions for the painted mason jars.  And they were the cutest part.  These were found a

I figure if I start now maybe I can get ready for the 4th of July.  But then you may want to check back in August.

Everyone have a safe and blessed Easter.


  1. Very pretty Easter decorations. You sure got inspired this year. I do like the results of your mason jars.

  2. I do things like that a lot more often than I care to admit. Truth is, Easter seems to have come so early this year. My husband commented today that I had not decorated for Easter and, no, I have not. I am having company here for Easter dinner and I am hoping to get a couple of things up before then but have decided I am not going to worry if I don't!

  3. I don't decorate much for any holiday except Christmas. I do have a few little Easter things that I set on my kitchen table, but this year I've not got them out (yet!). The sad truth is by the time I've done crafts with the little kids I've had enough of it. I will get the things out this afternoon though for our dinner tomorrow. Your decorations look really sweet ... I like the pussy willow branches ;) Happy Easter!
    Wendy x

  4. Your decorations are wonderful, good for you getting them out so we can admire them! Thanks for the links too. You beat me for sure, I only have a rabbit wall hanging out this year. I usually have some stuffed rabbits and a few other things. But we are not doing anything this year for Easter, so why bother, LOL

  5. Hi Tonia!! Your decorating looks great. I must admit that I don't decorate any more because the kids are grown....and ..... dust. We have 3 dogs and a mulch factory withing 1/2 mile which creates dust. The dogs shake...dust. How that mulch dust gets in is beyond me, but we never had this much dust in and out of the house since it opened.

    Have a Marvelous Weekend. Happy Easter.
    xx, Carol

  6. Lots of cute ideas! Your decorating is lovely!

  7. Oh Tonia, you and I could be sisters! I'm decorating less and less each year but I did at least do a little this year. I've given much of my decorating stuff to my daughters - paring down and getting a little more simple at my house. Thanks for the links! That last one didn't work but I was able to cut and paste. Happy Easter! blessings, marlene

  8. Your decorations look wonderful! I love the carrots. Afraid I haven't decorated for anything other than Christmas since our boys left home. Now that we live in an apartment we simply don't have room to store anything extra, so that's my excuse!

  9. I love your decorations and I think it's great that you put some out. Me? Nope! I didn't put out any decorations except Creepy Bunny. He doesn't count, though, because he sits out all year long. :O)