Monday, May 22, 2017

"Pass it on week" for All Thingz Sewn

 In the past post I shared the problems on the purchase of my Dream Quilter 15. Thanks to those of you for your suggestions.  The  shop I bought my mid arm  from has finally come to my aid.  I was finally able to reach the owner and she was upset as to how this happened.  I now have some classes coming up and have received replacement parts and a tech is coming to correct some mistakes that were made in setting up the machine and table.  I was also given a 10 percent credit of the purchase amount to put towards any future purchases.  I'm thinking software. I think this was an isolated event. They have smoothed some ruffled feathers.

Now onto the finished quilts for Hands2Help.  I was able to finish two quilts.  I questioned the red white and blue one.  As I mentioned in the last post it is a vintage top I acquired it at a consignment store and really liked it. I ask several of the ladies in our guild if it was something they would like to receive and they said yes. So I sent it.  These are going to Camp Hobe for children with cancer and to Happy Chemo for adults.

 I mailed out some pet mats to a no kill shelter in St Louis for displaced pets after the storms they had lately.  These people will let you know when and where there is a specific need.

I still have a couple of weeks to make a few more dresses before the missionary leaves. He goes two or three times a year.

We are finally having pretty weather here, hope you are doing the same.

I will be sharing at:

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Congratulations on your two H2H quilts. They are both lovely and I bet the red and blue one is comfy, being vintage.

    The little dresses are too cute and I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Beautiful, Tonia! Thanks for being part of H2H 2017!

  3. So glad you finally are receiving help with your machine! It's such a shame to spend so much and then be left high and dry with no support. The little dresses look so colourful and sweet and I know they will be loved.

  4. Good Morning. I'm glad you were able to get the situation rectified. Gosh your dresses are so cute. Are you still working and doing all this wonderful stitching too? You have certainly got lots accomplished!
    xx, Carol

  5. The H2H quilts are so pretty. So are the charity dresses and the pet mats. You sure are staying busy sewing. That is a lot accomplished :)

  6. You have been busy stitching these gorgeous charity projects. What an angel you are, Tonia. The quilts are lovely and what pretty and sweet dresses. So glad all is sorted with your Dream Quilter.

  7. That's a great bunch of community service sewing, Tonia. :) The dresses must be so fun to sew up. Hey - do you have the addresses for Hobe and Happy? I knew I should have written them down that time I saw Sarah post them, but I was madly packing for a trip. And now I can't find them after :40 minutes of searching on her blog. Hate to bother her, especially since I'm probably just missing something.

  8. You've been busy! Everything is looking great. I especially love those cute dresses! Thanks for linking up :)

  9. Great finish on the 2 H2H quilts! I have my two done as well! Feels good, doesn't it? Glad you are working things out on your Dream Quilter.

  10. I'm glad it is working out with your machine. How frustrating to this point though.

    Your quilts and dresses are so cute. I think anyone would be thrilled to get a vintage quilt. Good job on both of those.

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