Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our excitement for the day!


On our morning walk (you have been with us before) I went scouring around the old barn.  I guess we were walking too slow because T came back to get us;

A quick family discussion.

 Don sometimes paints old farm implements and I was going to seeing what was stored in there years ago,  I'm going to save the surprise for last.  But I'm still shaking.  Here is a couple of finds but I'll let Don pull them out and I'll show you the finished product when He paints them.

an old heater 

Hey I found a milk can

All of this will take him a little time to get out and clean up, plus he is building me a potting bench for our 35th wedding anniversary.  It should be done and up in a day tor two.  I hope.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture but I was trying to get him before he closed up shop.  But as you can see I didn't make it.

I found these double stadium seats when they tore down the old base ball field at the fairgrounds years ago.

I'll be the one to paint these,  I want them on the deck or front porch.  Can't make up my mind.

and if you look real close this is an plate hanger which I'm going to use as a saw blade holder.

Now you don't have to look close to see this.  I saw T and Mary Beth closing in on something with the cat (Casper) circling to the back,  I figured a ground squirrel and wanted to get a picture.  Knowing they would not catch it.  When I saw what it was, the picture was forgotten, I just wanted to get them away.
We lost one dog to a snake bite about a year ago.  Every time I would get one of them to come to me another one would go back.  The cat really surprised me by sticking with the dogs.  It was like they were all working together.  How ever I got this from a little distance after getting them  to come with me.  This is  one big snake.  When the dog got to close it would stand up and spread the back of it's neck like some kind of viper. But the ones around here are small not black. 
And the black snakes that I've seen don't spread their neck so I don't have a clue as to what it is.  Anyone know?

This will probably keep me out of the barns for awhile.  Till we find out if it is poisonous. 

Our walks will be down the road on a leash, nobody likes that.  Even Casper doesn't like it because they tend to trip her up or walk on her.  Have a good.
And  don't forget to let me know if you know what kind of snake this is..


  1. Eeek! I wouldn't want to come up on that either. Can't help you with an ID but maybe you can find a snake forum with someone who can help.

    Great stuff in your barn. What are you going to do with the saw blades?

  2. As far as I'm concerned there is only one good kind of snake - DEAD! I grew up on a dairy farm and we had a rule. The guy who is behind the one who finds a snake better get out of the way because the one who found it is going to be running. I got cold chills even looking at the pictures. I love the finds in the barn. I have two milk cans from the dairy farm - they are precious to me. I'd like to strip the paint off of them and get them back to original. I have some milk bottles and milk carriers two. When I die, they will probably go to the dump - my kids won't want them. That's why I left my brother as the admin of the estate. He can advise and he can then see if they are willing to share with his sons some of my few items of our heritage. I can't take it where I'm going. Thanks for sharing and I hope you determine the kind of varmit you have.

  3. Suze comment about her "stuff" going to the dump made me smile. My boys have said they are going to put all my treasure into a skip when I die. Your milk churn is fab, can't wait to see what you are going to do with it.
    We only have 2 kinds of snake here, across the pond, grass snake and adder. The adder is poisonous but only bites if cornered. It is only bad for small children, the elderly and, of course, our pets. A friend has lost her dog to the adder sting but quite a few have recovered. There is a site which might help you identify your cheeky snake. What is the other creature in the Barn? Is it some sort of Turtle?

  4. Oh goodness, that snake looks like a Black Mamba. if so, it is poisonous! Maybe that's not what it is... be careful just the same. 'Love your barn findings- so many items to repurpose and redo :)

  5. Looks like you two found some really great items to spruce up and put back into use, Tonia. Happy upcoming anniversary!!! The turtle was real cute and so was your comment about him closing up shop. But the snake? Scary stuff! Glad no one, or pet, was hurt. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. i am just seeing this and that is an Eastern Indigo Snake. They eat Rattlesnakes and they often strike with their mouths up on them here...that would be my guess...