Friday, July 17, 2015

Flea Market Find and a new Challenge

Good Evening ladies,

Now that I have more time to blog regularly I'm going to share my second favorite pass time so I'll save the challenge till last.  I thoroughly enjoy flea markets, consignment and yard sales.  Sooo I'm going to add a Flea Market Friday to my blog.  It will be everything from a "leave it as it is" or "repurpose it" or even a "I haven't figured it out yet".

 This lovely Boyd bear was found at a consignment shop  I go to regularly (Dress for Less) and was purchased for Nineteen dollars but they had a 40% off sale so I only paid eleven dollars.  I am too happy.  Is'nt he great? Other than wool fabrics, I keep most that I buy there. This is definitely not an exception.  The flowered pillows was from Vendors Village. Five dollars for the pair. The majority of my home is furnished and decorated this way and I am proud of my finds.  I found the bookcase last year and had it at the shop, just brought it home to see if it would fit like I wanted and it did. Hopefully really soon I'll show how I finished it.  Now looking for another rattan lamp. Hopefully really soon I'll show how I finished it.  I'm going for shabby chic in this room.  I'm working to finish the frame on top this week end and finishing a baby quilt.  Along with the bear meet Maggie Mae who was feral when I found her and seven kittens.  However she refuses to admit that now as she hold the title of the new queen.

Any good ideas for a name for the Bear?


I've made a new friend at Val's  Quilting  Studio.  She is having a different kind of a challenge for sewing folk .  I think it is a great idea. Check out this link for the information,  or click on the Challenge button on the side bar.

This is my bank I bought in Bardstown Ky. at a shop where I sell my quilts and bears etc. This was before I new of the challenge , destiny?   I'm hoping to put more adequate lighting over my sewing table.  Might as well reach for the stars.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Wow, love Mr Bear. I have not heard about Boyd bears before so I shall Google them.
    I spent an almighty £115 this week on "some" of the fabric for my new venture. I am making a Sampler Quilt in Moda French General fabric. There are more fabrics in that line on order, so I expect they will "have" to go into the quilt. Most of our fabric comes from America so it can be quite a wait :0(
    Val's Piggy Bank idea is great. I shall give it a go but most of my shopping is done with a Credit Card so I hardly ever have any change.

  2. Oh I'm going to look forward to this weekly post!! Good idea!! Hey..and thanks for sharing the Piggy Bank Savings Challenge button....glad you joined us!!

    1. Now it's time to mark you calendar as July 6th we count and link our savings!!! :)

  3. That's a great bear. I'm surprised they put him out on the shelves. I love the quilt on your bed, and your Maggie is a cutie. Does she always sleep in her bed on the bed? Buddy wouldn't touch a cat bed if he thought he could curl up on a pillow.

  4. Hi Tonia. Glad you started following me and you at joining us at Val's for the piggy bank challenge. It should be interesting, this is my first year.

    Your room looks so cozy and your new bear and Maggie Mae seem to get along great.

    I look forward to your new Friday series.

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