Sunday, January 3, 2016

what a bust!

New Years was yes, definitely a bust.  I caught some kinda bug was sick by Wednesday, and still
sneezing,coughing and blowing.  Now I am thankful this is all that is going on at this time, however I do have a small surgery coming up in the next couple of weeks. Not a biggie either, but I still would rather started my new year a little better.   I'm just gonna say I got the yucky stuff over with early and only good stuff from now on. Yeah, that works for me.

While I have my before pictures of my messy sewing room ready to download, I'm not posting them.
It seems that most of us have the same bad habits  by visiting your blogs for Jan.  So in between the hacking and blowing I have decided to not just clean the area but to come up some different storage ideas ( for me anyway).  Hoping this will help me stay organized.  As I get an area totally finished then I'll share the before and after photos.  
But why is it though it never seems to stay that way.  Why don't we just put stuff away when we finish a project or go shopping for fabric.

Maybe I need more space, but then I would just fill it with more fabric.  Why do we love buying fabric so much, is it the colors?  Then I should enjoy buying groceries. NOT!  How about the feel of the different fabrics, then I should enjoy doing the laundry.   Not too bad.....but still a no.
It is a good meeting place for others with the same passion,  but then we could do that with
with joining a guild and be a whole lot cheaper.  That is a big No!  I would have to buy more fabric. Been there done that.  NO, NO, NO, I have a stash.  See what I mean.  Why do you enjoy  buying fabric?  Now I know we all have a creative gland, that goes without saying.  But would probably be more creative to use what we already have.

My friend Sarah at  gave me food for thought about our sewing rooms accumulated mess.  You   might find an idea or two yourself.  Hope to feel better in another day to start something small             anyway.  Most coughing and sneezing is over but I gotta go blow.  Poor nose.

Blessing and be safe,


  1. I think we all struggle with organizing, yuck! I do hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh goodness, get well soon. Yes, the sewing room/area clutter si always an issue. 'Will check out Sarah's post :)

  3. I would have said I love fabric because I love fabric, but now you make me think again! And why do I love yarn, and beads and, and, and... hahaha. I am sticking to the thought of I don't have enough room so I can't be any more organized! Reality is I need to stop buying, but that's no fun!

  4. I and my co-workers from wish you a good luck and pray that your surgery helped you to feel better! Looking forward to new interesting posts from you! I am sure that this year will be muxh better than previous!