Monday, April 11, 2016

Hands 2 help update

Well I'm making some headway on one of my quilts for Hands 2 Help. The other one was made awhile back. This one is pretty universal for who ever gets it.  The fabrics are all from my stash and I think pretty perky.  It's just a strip quilt, nothing fancy,  I don't do fancy yet.  I meant to take a picture of the starting combo of fabrics.  And of course forgot, I just barely remember to take the this one of piecing.

The wind would not cooperate with a hanging picture, this on the lawn is pretty yonky.  But you get the jest.  This is the first strip quilt I have tried, I don't quite have the hang of it yet cause a couple of
my colors ran beside one another.  There has to be a trick to that.  Anybody want to share what that  is?

Me and the girls chased this little guy around the yard trying to get his picture about two weeks ago.

The first flowers were just coming out, in fact it was in the low 30's for the rest of the week.  Hope he made it.  We don't usually see the swallow tails until mid May.

Everyone have a good week
Stay safe and Blessings


  1. Hi, Tonia It's looking real good. I have seen strip quilts before and they turn out real pretty. I looked and from I can see you only needed to rows 11 & 12 and then 18 & 19 in the opposite direction, but other than that it looks really good. Be Blessed.

  2. Tonia, that quilt is lovely! And I always enjoy your farm and nature shots, too :)

  3. I thin the quilt looks great. It will be a lovely addition to the Hands 2 Help.

  4. Very happy fabrics and the quilt turned out beautiful. The recipient is going to love it and won't even notice the same fabrics touching.

  5. Your quilt is wonderful - I think there were a couple quilts using that pattern at the last quilt show here. I remember admiring them and thinking that maybe even I could manage to do that. I *could*, but that's not to say I will!! I can happily admire yours from afar. What a beautiful butterfly - I've never seen one before, other than in pictures.

  6. you make it look easy, but sewing long strips can be tricky. Love your butterfly photo too. Those are hard to get too when they won't stay in one spot more than a second.