Friday, October 21, 2016

Christmas Gifting Started

Sincerely trying to beat the last minute rush this year as I will be making almost all our gifts again this year.  Plus I'm going to be working again.  I am going back to Kroger after leaving 20+ yrs ago.
Still praying for the shop to sell.  Which brings me back to Christmas sewing.  I love these little bears
they are so easy to sew once you get hang of getting the head on.

I'm trying and keep posts shorter and more regular.  At least until I establish a new habit,
and that includes sewing more with disciplined timing.

What do these look like to you?

They look like pancakes to me.

We have never had this type of mushroom before.  They are all over
the yard.  Anyone know what kind they are?  Be nice if they were eatable.

Looks like I'm gonna have to ask Santa for a camera this Christmas.
This one appears to be on its last leg.
Have a great and safe week-end

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Cute bear! I make most of my gifts for Christmas and have done for many years...too many to count. I've tried a few times to tell my friends that I might just buy their gifts and get met with such a hue and cry. So I continue on.

  2. I'm getting those darn mushrooms too on the side of my lawn that is getting overwatered....don't know if they are edible. I chop my down. LOL! Your bears remind me of when I use to make bunnies! So fun!!

  3. What a cute bear!! Those will make a great gift

  4. Oh, so glad Kroger came through for you. Cute teddy! I don't have many gifts to make, but that is what I am doing too. DISCIPLINED TIMING. I like that. I'm going to try to determine a schedule that includes Disciplined Timing. I'm in the cutting process right now and really need to focus and ignore interruptions. I've been working for a local political campaign so it's been difficult to balance time. My sis has those mushrooms in her yard...we just move over them. Rain or humidity seem to bring them out. We get a few too.
    xx, Carol

  5. Very cute teddy Tonia... well done!

  6. I love your little bear. Too cute!!! I have mushrooms like that also. Not sure what kind they are. LJ

  7. That bear is just too cute! I'm not very good at sewing stuffed animals and they never look as good as this one does. :O)

  8. Congratulations on your new employment! I've been a negligent blogger recently as well, but for some reason I have been thinking a lot about you lately Tonia. I hope things are going well. Your latest bear is adorable...what a sweet lace collar too. Although I don't make all my Christmas presents, it just isn't Christmas if I don't make a few (and I haven't started those yet!). Take care Tonia,
    Wendy xox

  9. Oh, Tonia, your bear is darling!! I just saw a video on Facebook about a young 12 year old boy who makes teddy bears (700+) for sick kids in the hospital!! And I love that you used denim!! Good luck with your new-again job!! I'm finding that life springs great surprises upon us and we just need to face those times with joy in our hearts!!

  10. Oh your little bear is so very cute. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. I will be back to visit you...I like your work and your blog.

  11. love the beat and the pancake mushrooms oh a great week, back to work just think of all the people who will greet you with warmth...we need more of you in our world..x

  12. meant love the bear....not sure why the correction was done auto....your BEAR in denim is perfect too btw.

  13. That is a cute bear. I've seen some made of chenille that I thought were adorable too.

    The toadstools or mushrooms look like a pile of donut holes to me. But yes, they do like like little pancakes too.

    I think it's a great idea to start making gifts early. I wish I could do that. I probably need to make short posts too, not only to get back into the habit but to save my limited internet time. Plus, I read a post (on facebook) that said people don't want to read stuff anymore, they just want to look at pictures. I hope that's not true in the blogworld. Probably is on facebook though.

  14. Hi Tonia, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my teacup reveal post. Yes, it has been a special exchange once again and Stephanie did an amazing job of pulling it all together.
    Love your darling bear. Such a sweet face and the details are so charming.
    Best wishes on your going back to work at Kroger.
    Enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.
    Blessings, xo

  15. Loved your bear and refreshing to see that you are making all your own Christmas gifts. I try to make as much as possible too.

  16. I thought mushroom right away. Your bear is adorable!!! Brings back memories of my doll, bear and bunny making years :-)