Monday, November 7, 2016

Some Good news! and A Question?

Morning All,
After retiring two years ago , we have finally received a contract on selling the shop.   We are negotiating the price now.  We have lost about 40,000 dollars on the building that is paid for but is still costing us about 400.00 a month for taxes, ins. and utilities.  The best news is that we won't continue to lose money every month and we won't have to pay capital gain and can claim loss.  At least that's what I'm being told at this time.

Another bit of good news, Kroger has finally called me to start work.  Gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
Hopefully it's only about 20 hrs per week.  After bills are straightened out it will be sewing money. Yeah!

Well,  I didn't finish my OMG last month, but I did get the embroidery 99% done.  I picked out the fabric for the quilted edging from my stash.  I also changed my choice of the frame.  Now my question for you is should I stain it darker color?  Or paint it.  What would your choice of color be if that is the case.  And would you cover it with glass?

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  1. Congratulations on selling the shop and on the new opportunity at Kroger. Hope you will be rolling in sewing money soon!

    It depends on where your stitchery will be displayed but I love painted frames. In my home, it would be painted white or a color to compliment the outer border.

  2. So happy for you the shop sold. It must have been a worry saying goodbye to all that money. As for the frame, this gal would paint it and the colour would be probably be white. =)

  3. Congratulations on the shop and the new job. The frame would look good in a chalk paint, like white. Glass, I think it isn't necessary for stitcheries ('just my opinion).

  4. Congratulations! I'm sorry that you have lost money on the building though. That always hurts. What will you do at Kroger? I have several friends who work part time at grocery stores (one full time at Kroger too) and they like it. I've wondered if I could do something there too if I ever get my eyes straightened out.

  5. Had to google to see what Kroger is - don't have those here in Canada! Congratulations on the new job and the good news (albeit somewhat mixed) over the shop sale.

  6. Well, you certainly have a lot of positive news to share. I'm so happy for you! You may have lost money on the building, but you have also lost a load of worry and that's the best because peace of mind can only have a positive effect on your health and sense of well being. Things are coming together. 20 hours...perfect. Getting out in the public can be a pain, but it also can do a great deal of good to contact with people for a little while. I'm just do darned happy for you.
    Much love

  7. As other friends have commented, congratulations on selling the money drain and the new p/t job at Krogers. Good for you. I've sold many things at a loss because they were real drains on my fixed income. As for the frame: If you paint it, white would be best. The frame is there only to highlight what is inside it, not the frame. A darker frame has the viewer's eye drawn away from the lovely needlework.


  8. What a nice looking project! Thanks for linking up with One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts and the best of luck on your finish!

  9. Congratulations on selling your shop! Losing money on any investment is terrible, but what a relief it must be to be able to move on. Beautiful stitching!

  10. I'm glad you sold the shop as well! I think whatever you choose in the frame color it will be beautiful! The fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous with the thread colors!

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