Friday, December 30, 2016

Santa Sack Swap

I want to thank Cheryll@ for the work of  having the Santa swap.  This is the only thing that kept me sewing (though sporadically) this summer. Selina@ made a fantastic swap partner.  She has become a friend which is even better, we converse on the phone occasionally and did so while opening our presents.  That added to the enjoyment of opening my lovely  gifts as each item was wrapped separately making it it a guessing game too.  I was being a good girl and hadn't even opened the box when Selina called, in fact I was in bed reading.  So I did not get photos of the wrapped items.

The pretty tin with chocolates was a huge  temptation to me.  I ate the two caramels and gave the rest to my DH.  He was a little jealous of all my pretties anyway.

I want to show that what I thought was some sort of netting at first is actually window screening. What a great idea, much sturdier.

There is also screening on the bottom giving it more uses than an regular tote.  I'm thinking veggies and fruits when shopping at the haymarket. Or even for the day at the beach for the wet swimsuits to get more air and sand goes right through so you won't be carting it in the house.

The Red work is so sweet on the little pillow and bird ornament below.  These both went on my shelf over my bed.

I enjoyed my festive placemats with matching coasters.  Selina also gave me a set of the templates she used so I can make other goodies. 

The placemats and coasters were reversible giving them double the use. 

I also received hand embossed all occasion cards.  I like sending notes and card so these will be used.
To me snowmen are not necessarily Christmas, so these will be sent this winter too.

I'm slowly switching to  fabric gift bags and this lovely zippered pouch will be gratefully added to my collection.  I figure if all the paper waste can be left to be gotten rid of by me, that they can also leave the reusable fabric bags. 

And last but not least, Selina also designed  me a personal Christmas Card.  It even has some hand stitching on it as well.  She is one talented lady with a large
 giving heart, who went above and beyond to see that I had a fantastic Santa swap.

Salina, I'm truly thankful we were matched up and have become friends.  Thank you 

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.
                                                          NUMBERS 6:26

I'm praying everyone reading this has a safe and blessed new year.


  1. Selina gifted you some wonderful items. She certainly IS very talented and most caring. I'm sure the best gift of all is the friendship you two share.

    Happy and Blessed 2017!

  2. Looks like an amazing swap! You got some really nice gifts - obviously a lot of thought went into it. And even better to have made a new friend!

  3. These gift items are amazing! Your partner has definitely put a lot of thought and love into it.

  4. All beautiful gifts from Selina. That swap sounds like it was a lot of fun. The new friendship is great. Wishing you a Happy New Year :)

  5. Good Morning Tonia. I've been thinking of you and included you in prayers for a serene and happy Christmas and New Year. This is a wonderful post. Great gifts but mostly the friendship that developed between you and Selina is the best gift ever.
    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  6. That Selina could be my swap partner anytime...beautiful gifts! I like the idea of zippered bags for gift bags. Now you've made me add another thing to my to-do list for 2017! Happy New Year!

  7. Beautiful gifts from Selina and a lovely friendship as a bonus - enjoy them all!

  8. What lovely things! Swaps are so nice aren't they. Happy New Year!

  9. WOW...all your gifts are gorgeous. I'm so happy you enjoyed this swap.
    HappY NeW Year too...xox

  10. wow what awesome gifts you have received,Chez's swaps are so much fun.

  11. These are such beautifully made gifts from Selina. I think it's so nice when you say you even phoned each other while opening the gifts! That's the best part of swaps of this nature. I participated in this swap last year, and I know how much work it is. It was the best swap I've joined and have also made a good friend through it. Happy New Year!

  12. Lots of gorgeous had made gifts in the Santa Sack Swap. Cheers Kaylee

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