Sunday, March 11, 2018

Favorite tutorial for Hands 2 Help

I started sewing bears several years go in between quilting.  It is something I had really enjoyed doing, but I needed a better method of closing up my plushies because I started selling them.  I was told of a  ladder stitch method and finally perfected it on my own.  (Duh, I forget about Googling stuff).  However , Julie at Crafty Quilter shared this great tutorial a week or so ago.  Hopefully it will help save someone else some time. if they should find themselves closing pillows, plushies or what ever needs closing nicely. After you have practiced a couple of times it will become unnoticeable.

The tutorial is by and can be hound here.

MY latest plushie is  sweet,  but very shy.  but willing to show you her stitches.

While the area is visible, her stitches are not.  Patience is my first Platypus, so her siblings should improve with age. 

Hugs and Blessing to you and yours.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the link on how to sew openings by hand. The last pillow I did I absolutely massacred it! Now I have another pillow to fix and sew the opening. Now I can follow the directions and not make it a complete disaster!

  2. I love your platypus! Thank you for the tute link. I have always used ladder stitch but I'll try that way out :)

  3. Patience is so sweet. Thanks for the link. I just read it through and it looks super easy to do. Will be giving it a try soon.