Monday, March 12, 2018

Sew Ready for Spring

Since we just have gotten 6 inches of snow ,this is the only hint of Spring right now.  And I'm going to take it.  How about you, ready for some  bloomin' flowers?  


Go visit Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks Here. for information and join up

Very simple and stress free hop.  Hope to see you there.



  1. More snow? I hope things warm up for you real soon!

  2. Now those are bright and cheery flowers! I wish I could say I'm ready for winter to end, but really, I enjoy winter best of all the seasons. We barely got any snow; what we did get was too tiny to see coming down and didn't cover the ground. And we missed our annual ice day too this year. That was probably a good thing.

  3. I love winter... but spring is my second favorite season :) I'm joining in the blog hop too, should be fun! xx

  4. O geez, it's snowing here right now. I am so ready for FLOWERS!!
    xx, Carol

  5. wow Snow we dont really get snow where i live and we are going into Autumn here,keep warm my friend xx

  6. I am so ready, but at least we are having some good weather. More snow for you can be frustrating. I hope spring comes soon, Bloomin flowers make me smile. thank you for your visit.