Saturday, June 28, 2014

Living with Santa

Hello all,
Those of you who have read some of my earlier posts know that I live with Santa, making things here a little different time to time.

Coming home from work Tuesday evening June 24th., ( pre Christmas Eve)  I had a makeshift Christmas tree on my counter with Feliz Navidad  playing in the air...

On my counters were paintings by Santa of Santa and a snowman

Proceeding on to the living room was a toasty fire and a Christmas DVD ready for an evening's viewing.

Pre-Christmas Morning (June the 25th) When I got up to make the coffee, Santa had arrived.

I had to get ready for work and forgot to take pic of our treasures wrapped in newspaper.  However I did put mine back on the counter to show off.  We just get each other small inexpensive things that each other will use for fun.

Our youngest daughter (Jessica 37yrs old I think) is staying with us for a short time,  Picked me some beautiful wildflowers and made Santa some cheddar/bacon filled biscuits  . I snitched one, they were really good.  Santa got me a book and watering can.
It made for a good time.  My hubby is one of a kind.  A keeper.

Be safe, huggs

Friday, June 27, 2014

I Won! I Won!

          I want to thank Paula Hughes for her "sewing machine mat" give away at        

Is this not the cutest thing and now I can find my seam ripper and magnifier glass that would normally be  under all the paper and fabric.  Don't let me fool you my real sewing table is never this clear.

She has some great tutorials  and  beautiful quilts she shares.  There is always something to learn there.  You'll want to go and visit with her..

Thanks one more time Paula. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Last minuet happenstance?

Good afternoon all,

Have you ever had an order that had you backed in a corner (yeah right)  as to just how or what you were going to do that would fit the customers wishes?  This was one of those weeks.  A customer of about  fifteen years, wanted a gift for his wife for their 33rd anniversary.  Iv'e been making gift baskets for him with Hummingbirds of some kind in every one.  This request is special because Larry is losing the battle with cancer that he has been fighting for about 5 years.  The only different thing I hadn't already gotten for her was a stepping stone.  They have beautiful flower and veggie gardens.  You have probably guessed, not a single stone with a hummingbird to be found.

I regress to a couple of weeks ago when another dear friend ( Carol )came into the shop with a denim shirt that ended up too being big for me and I just put it on the dresser.   While picking up my room Friday, I ran across the shirt. Yep, you guessed it (your getting good at this) It had humming birds on it.

I wanted it to be personal and  be something no one but Larry could give her.  Here is what I came up with . Let me know what you think.

Now you have to know Larry to appreciate this, but he is from old school and doesn't embrace  or touch women not in his family, plus the cancer is now in this throat and he can only whisper.  When I showed him the pillow he motioned me closer to hear him, but I got a kiss on the cheek instead.  That to me was more than any thing he could have said .
I was blessed today!

Blessing to you and be safe.

P.S.  I don't believe in happenstance.