Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow Your Own Blog

Hello Ladies and any Gentleman that may be joining in.

My name is Tonia and I'm always ready to make new friends.  I have just retired three weeks ago and I'm ready to sew, blog and farm full time.  Our farming is basically raising chickens (the girls) and a personal vegetable garden.  I'll be sharing a little of that, and then a little of the sewing and quilting, and of course pictures of what goes on around home and what few times we do leave the farm.  I just started blogging last year so that I would half way know what blogging was about when I had time to do so.  So, I am off and running.  I want to thank Vicki for taking this on yet another year, and all of her wonderful helpers.

There is a give-a-way, and this is my first.  Make sure I have your e-mail in your comment. That's all there is to it.  The winner will be announced on Feb. 15th.  If you don't respond by email  within 48 hrs. another winner will be chosen.

The prize is a pattern by  "Spring Chickens"' along with the fabric, also by  You will need to only supply the sweatshirt or what ever else you may want to applique.

 I'm just posting a few pictures because I know there are a lot of blogs to visit and friends to make.  These will give you an idea of what to expect here.   

This is what we woke up to this morning, it's only an inch of snow but isn't it amazing how God can make it so beautiful.  Or at least I thought so, the girls thought otherwise, Mo came out  and went right back out.

a couple of older stuffed animals


I found these vintage blocks at a yard sale this fall, any suggestions of what to do with them 

And this is a project that will be finished and posted in a blog hop  in a couple weeks.  It will be quite different from what you see here.

I would appreciate you taking a few minuets and leave a comment, don't forget your email address if your a no-reply.  Enjoy your visiting and making new friends with others in this blog hop.