Thursday, February 21, 2019

Showing my wings, maybe not?

Morning All,

As I was writing my title for this hop I found a big blunder.   But first these are the fabric 
scraps I picked out.  Love my scraps.

I haven't made any thing for my home for about three or four years.  While I was originally going to make a baby quilt with these appliques , but I had to switch to these kitchen hand towels because of shoulder pain.
It seem I may have torn my rotator cup,  I have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon on the 25th of this month. While I can't handle using the cutter and can use the scissors.  Enough of that.  

I'm cutting cost at home and we use way too many paper towels,  So I'm using white hand towels 
from when I closed my shop ( hair and tanning salon) for just drying hands in kitchen.  Hubby hasn't caught on to that part yet.  so  there are some stains.  The bright colors pull your eyes away from those and covers a few.

These are totally scrapy made and I have nine more to go at this time,  who knows for sure.  
The top one is almost finished  I have to embroider stilts legs and eyes.  
I will share as I finish them this summer

Oh yes the blunder out of all the birds only one had wings.  back  to the drawing board. 8-)

Thanks to Carol at For heading up this cute hop.
be sure to visit the participating ladies.

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Blessing to all