Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello,  Is everyone as excited as I am that this party has finally started. And what better weather to stay indoors and make new friends. My name is Tonia, and friends is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. I'm going to retire soon and know that not too many people are going to come out this far to visit. And I am a people person. So I'm hoping you will become a friend. Sharing the parts of our lives that friends do.
Before I get carried away, I want to voice my gratitude to Vicki, for being willing to help so many people grow their blogs. I cannot imagine the time and work involve. Especially with the newbies (like myself). I also want to thank Vicki for introducing Karen to us. I can't thank Karen enough. She held My hand, while revamping my blog and getting me on gmail. If you weren't there, well lets put it this way she is very patient and did a great job. Thank you both.
I'm a crafter of about 30 years. But I just started sewing a couple of years ago, and have never looked back. Oh sure, I will probably share something I found in a yard sale and refurbished into something else. Love those yard sales. In fact, todays post was going to be (and stills is) My sewing area which I put together from yard sale finds this fall.
I painted the old chest but had misgiving about the bookcase because it was so nice. But that feeling is over, this spring out side it goes to be painted. The white piece of formica was used but I just put the cut end inside the bookcase. The whole thing was only 40 bucks. After I decide what color to paint the walls, I think the white will pop. And that big blank space on the wall.  Well,  I'm open for suggestions.  Seriously, I welcome ideas.
Next Friday I hope to have the baby quilt done, and have a few pictures of the nail art I'll be doing for Valentines. Wow, I'm trying to tell you everything at one time.  Told you I was excited.  I'm looking forward to learning some things about you, and what you enjoy.
Be safe and warm.

Monday, January 20, 2014

And the sunshines bright/then is work work work!

And the sun shines bright on the new falling snow. It was beautiful to look at. This was the last of my lazy days at home.

and then it's work work work.  The sewing room is a total mess from stacking everthing  up during the holidays.  I have been cleaning the shop , now it time for the house.  I will only share one mess at a time as that is how I will attack it.  First the sewing table.  Gads, part of this will just be stacked some were else for the time being till I get to each pile.  Please tell me I not the only one doing this.


I vow to have this in order by next Friday.  I will Proudly post the after pictures and one finished project.  They will be my Finished Fridays Posts.  Now that a big goal for me.  I counting on you to hold me accountable. 

You all have a good week and be safe.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


This is the first day the sun has stayed out here. The girls got all excited(could not tell by looking) and forgot they were not allowed on the porch. No, they were not drunk or dying, just a little sunbathing. It has been so long since they have seen the sun, I didn't have the heart to chase them off.
I might as well introduce you to the pooches, Marybeth(being the boxer) and Buster  (the pit) they are allowed to come in for nasty weather.  When it is pretty they find all sorts of things to roll in . Like dead things from up in the woods.  They get a bath once a week, but you cant tell it in the summer. Sooo, they stay outside a lot.  I promise I'm not a bad Mom.
I've taken a couple of weeks rest after Christmas and just getting ready to put a sewing room upstairs in the shop.  I'm going to do  some more painting and updating.  I will take pictures as I go and welcome ideas.  I will try and post at least every couple of days.  bye for now. 
When I previewed my post I discovered I posted the wrong picture of the girls, but it is not that different that I'm going to change it.  Just add a couple more chicks and you got it.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Morning,
I feel a little overwhelmed this particular minuet.  I look at the blogs of my peers and wonder how they get everything done.  Those with storefronts have  maintenance  (breakdowns, cleaning, ordering, and selling, etc.) to contend with, then have to go home and do family matters. And if that is not enough they seem to have etsy accounts, they blog, face book and twitter. And on top of all those they have to find time to make and or create their craft. I don't know where personal time comes in.  Being single and or retired  would help I guess,  according to what side of the fence your on. 
Just learning how to blog, use face book and set up an etsy account has taken up all the spare time I have and I'm not going to talk of the frustration of doing that much. ( I guess I just lied.)  I do have a store front and I'm almost 66 and not as quick as I use to be.  I guess I just wanted everything to be easy and an over night success.  We all know better than that.

 I think this may be part of my problem.  Boxing up the last of Christmas, there always seems to be a melancholy feeling while doing this.  But then it seem like in a month or two we are dragging it back out

It's getting bare, the last ornaments to come off, more needles on the floor and then good bye. 

I can hardly wait till spring.  WOW!  I'm going out and buy some spring fabric.  There has been something I want to make for the front door for the shop.  I'll share when I get all the kinks worked out.

 I do feel better now after talking this out with you.  And will continue to go forward with having a successful blog.  I think I will just sew for awhile and get a few more babushkas and baby quilts done.  I have my etsy store built but will wait a couple of more months before opening.

I'm going to get my blog friendlier and more desirable and helpful to come back to. I truly covet any suggestions and help.  I get so much out of some of the blogs I read. I just want to pass it on. 

I pray you stay warm and safe with this winter storm. 
Blessing till Tomorrow

Thursday, January 2, 2014

starting our Christmas season

This was a beautiful start for The Christmas Season. We had a great time with all the kids and some of the grandkids made it. Everyone here was healthy and safe, and I feel blessed for that alone, but there was so much more. I tried to keep up with friends and it seems most have had a good year. Those that have had hurtful situations going on, please know you and your families are in my prayers. May the New Year bring hope, peace and joy to you and yours. I forgot to mention that Santa also came to see us. He was rounding up his deer.