Monday, January 20, 2014

And the sunshines bright/then is work work work!

And the sun shines bright on the new falling snow. It was beautiful to look at. This was the last of my lazy days at home.

and then it's work work work.  The sewing room is a total mess from stacking everthing  up during the holidays.  I have been cleaning the shop , now it time for the house.  I will only share one mess at a time as that is how I will attack it.  First the sewing table.  Gads, part of this will just be stacked some were else for the time being till I get to each pile.  Please tell me I not the only one doing this.


I vow to have this in order by next Friday.  I will Proudly post the after pictures and one finished project.  They will be my Finished Fridays Posts.  Now that a big goal for me.  I counting on you to hold me accountable. 

You all have a good week and be safe.


  1. I'll be happy to hold you accountable I'll be sure and check back next week to see the 'after' photo. Also I am now your first follower. I'm jumping the gun just a bit, the party doesn't start until Saturday, but how many times does someone get to be first at something....
    Welcome to blogging world, I look forward to future post.
    Sharon at

  2. Oh My! Looks like my sewing room! You are NOT alone! LOL!

  3. I just cleared out a closet. Funny how some things didn't make it back inside!