Sunday, January 12, 2014


This is the first day the sun has stayed out here. The girls got all excited(could not tell by looking) and forgot they were not allowed on the porch. No, they were not drunk or dying, just a little sunbathing. It has been so long since they have seen the sun, I didn't have the heart to chase them off.
I might as well introduce you to the pooches, Marybeth(being the boxer) and Buster  (the pit) they are allowed to come in for nasty weather.  When it is pretty they find all sorts of things to roll in . Like dead things from up in the woods.  They get a bath once a week, but you cant tell it in the summer. Sooo, they stay outside a lot.  I promise I'm not a bad Mom.
I've taken a couple of weeks rest after Christmas and just getting ready to put a sewing room upstairs in the shop.  I'm going to do  some more painting and updating.  I will take pictures as I go and welcome ideas.  I will try and post at least every couple of days.  bye for now. 
When I previewed my post I discovered I posted the wrong picture of the girls, but it is not that different that I'm going to change it.  Just add a couple more chicks and you got it.


  1. I love your chickens sunning on the porch! I hope you don't mind that I posted the picture on my Feathered Friend board on Pinterest. It is too cute to pass up.

    1. That is fine. I love the girls. doesn't mean they aren't aggravating at times. You would be surprised how much 6 chicks can poop. But they are fun too. Thanks, T.