Friday, March 3, 2023

Finished friday/next friday

 Hello All.   Well it's late in the day but I did make it. I did not realise how much went on in this house. I'm busier than I thought. I appreciate those that left a comment.

I was only able to finish a few of the hand towels, first thing hubby said was, am I allowed to use these? 😊 whole point to keep him from using them for rags. We were using too many paper towels just to dry hands. 

                             This is the smallest, but still big enough to dry hands,17" x 8".

The basket is not exactly what I wanted. It's missing something.   I'll figure it out.

                            This is not what I had in mind for part of next week post, how ever it has to be done.  I was looking for double sided tape for the ribbon.  As you can see the cabinet is a mess.                   

But that's not all of it


This all has to go back in.

I finished piecing this yesterday.  Will finish by Friday.
It is a Project Linus Quilt.

I want to have this pieced too.

This ended up being later than I thought. Kentucky been having some  major stormed today. Electricity has went out twice. We personally are doing ok.  But there is a lot of trees and light poles down.

Have a blessed week,

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Next Friday finish

                                                                          Morning all,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
 I know that is a horrible title but it was all I could think of  and still get this out today.  Maybe you could help think of a more appropriate name. always glad for suggestions. I will be posting every Friday, a project or two that I want finished the by the next Friday.  I will be adding a link for anyone that may want to join in. It will take me a couple of days to figure out how to do that.  Will post that next Friday too.
Today I'm posting the project to be completed by next Friday.  These are the fabrics I have picked out for binding, that's not to say I won't pull a couple more.  Now don't judge until next Friday.                                                                                                         


This little basket sets on my counter and matches nothing.   But it is the exact size I need.  It's a yard sale find, now I just can not wait to to get started.
Hope you come back next Friday 
for the finish.

I only have one more line of quilting to finish my part of this quilt. 
I'll introduce you to Vanessa next week, she has been adopted into the family.
This is her quilt, So she will have a finish as well. 


Till we meet again.