Tuesday, September 22, 2015

No-reply Blogger /Google+..... And do a fellow blogger a favor

Good afternoon,
I have felt a little under loved for a little while by the lack of  response to my comments to my fellow bloggers.  A blogging buddy got ahold of me this morning and let me know I was a NO-REPLY blogger.  WHAT!  When did this happen?  Finally traced  it back to when I joined google+.

Please ask you friends if they know they are a no reply blogger.  Sometimes this is a glitch that happens when joining google+ and you're not aware it has happened. It happened to me because I didn't understand the tech/talk and agreed to the wrong thing.  I'm so glad that Kathy at http://kwiltypleasures.blogspot.com/ took the time find me and to tell me.

This young lady right here will show you how to correct the problem of being a No-reply blogger.
http://www.sewathomemummy.com/search?q=no+reply+blogger.  It is fairly easy once you know where to go.  Her pictures are much easier than me just trying to tell you.

Remember to try and help the next blogger out.
And while you're at it make a few people happy today and leave them a real comment, you know what I mean. 

Have a good evening.

A Cold Crop?

Good day to all,
Since I wasn't able to post early this summer, I'm sneaking in our summer garden(as we call it) with our version of a cold crop.  Although most of you will be laughing shortly (and that's ok) we are proud of our humble beginning of a raised garden.  We did not wait until we are able to put in the real thing since we could still be learning at smaller level. And learn we have.
We started with a few various plants in the yard where you see the ladders.  Now what respectable chicken is going to let that pass, none of ours.  It did not last a week.  After a little thought we decided to put the garden in the chicken run since the chickens never stay in it. And we are not going there.
So the garden did not go in until the middle of June, second mistake.  I'll leave off the mistakes there.

Our peppers did best of all, we have got 37 peppers off of these two plants so far and it is still full of new ones.

Our tomatoes did pretty good, got to can a few jars of salsa.  And still getting table tomatoes.

these are our pole beans.  I found I don't care much for them.

and our bush beans were delicious,  but as you can see the beetles were just starting to arrive and in the end they won this year.  I'll be armed and dangerous next year.  

The potatoes did alright but next year I'll use better dirt and start lower in the pot.  These are pretty large pots, but I'll be looking for larger ones in yardsales. 

Now here is our cold crop, please keep it to a chuckle.
Yes, our raised garden are in swimming pools on skids.
but it was inexpensive and it worked.
This will produce plenty of kale for the two of us.  

Some kind of worm is already chewing on the broccoli, but we are trying to stay on top of it this time.

I'm already looking at seed catalogues for next year. ;-)

You all enjoy your day,  until latter.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Third Time's A Charm

It seems everytime it think I'm able to get back to my blogging something says "I don't think so".  Well hopefully this time's the charm. I have been fighting the WiFi connection on the farm for six months.  And this time for over 3 weeks was unable to get online at all.  After three tech.s coming out and returning 2 parts that did not work, the third one knew what he was talking about.  So three seem to be the lucky number.  I guess a good thing about it is that I have a few new projects I can
share with you.  I have started taking a Crazy Quilting Class with http://www.shawkl.com/.
She gives us tasks to complete each step. So to be clear to those that have never sewn this style or embroidered before.   There is actually more to  it that I thought from the very beginning because of the placement of the enhancements and seams.  I find it interesting. A lot of it so far has been reading and picking out colors and supplies.  As we have to send her our progress per her instructions and our completion I'll share with  you.  It might be something your interested for yourself.

I only used four colors, got rid of the brown.

My placement of colors on block

Our last task was picking our enhancement ribbons and thread.

I'm really anxious to get started actually sewing.
Have a great week and see you soon.