Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Much!

Our family had a great Christmas with almost everyone present.  No drama and all safe and healthy. I was glad to see most of you were blessed with the same.
They were a hungry crew and I had to replenish the cupboard yesterday.  Stopped by the fabric shop on the way to the grocery (actually never got there) just to browse a little and found Christmas fabric at 90% off.  My son made the mistake of giving me cash to have my car detailed.  Now I have to save up and get it done before he finds out where I spent it.  Anyway back to where I was going with this, just look at what I found.  While visions of mug rugs and stockings danced thru my head. 8-)

Isn't this cowboy the cutest fabric?  I was thinking of Karin at Lovin life at the end of a dirt road. If you like ranch life as it really is, with beautiful pictures visit her at dirtroadscrapper.blogspot.com.

And I saved how Much?  Yep, that's right $159.28
Now when I shared with is Donnie, even he was impressed.  He gave me $50.00 to go back with. Now I'm thinking his plan is that this will keep me busy enough that I won't be going back for awhile. Yeah right.  I bought a couple of the same fabrics I like them that much.

Going to use the sleigh fabric for a quilt backing and the two blues will be a dress and leggings for a tilda doll.
An additional $101.17 I'm feeling so good right now.  Wanting to start sewing right-a-way.  But it will have to wait a couple of days. That will be a post for New Year's day.

Be safe and have a Great New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Your Who?

Santa lost his suit a few years ago in a fire. But the children still recognize him. At restaurants and stores they will stare and come up to him all year long. He always carries candy canes, don't want to disillusion anyone. You try and find candy canes in July. I have found if you keep the candy in a cool place it will last all year. This is actually our youngest niece and turned out to be the cutest picture without a suit. Santa volunteers at a couple places and they provide a suit and take the pictures.


Just thought I would share a cute quickie