Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ending of a great year and a surprise win!

Ladies,  I truly enjoyed my first year of blogging with you all.   I learned a lot, laughed a lot and even cried with a few of you.  I'm looking forward to even a better New Year.  I finally retired.  The shop has not sold yet, but it will.  Don and I went to Bardstown Ky. to get away for a few days.  I found a shop there that will carry my dolls,bears and quilts plus Dons paintings.  That should keep us busy should we decide to do it.  I'm still wanting to try ETSY, even though my account is open I only have 4 items for sale.  But I can take care of that now that I'm home for good.

The atmosphere here is that of a small home town, which it is.  It has a lot of tourists though.  It is an bourbon county, which is also a good draw of tourists.

Did you notice the candy canes in his pocket   l
Santa resting

This was just a couple of the shops.  Don took me on a nite carriage ride to see the light-up Bardstown but none of the pictures turned out. Guess I had better get the old instruction book out again.

Don picked and preserved persimmons for Christmas cookies and pudding. Which he also bakes himself.  The girls just had to see what he had.

He did all the work by himself.  I was proud of him.  Well I did clean up the mess, but he gets better as he goes.  I think I'll try him out on cobbler this spring.

Pretty huh?

And now for the win.

Eileen, at had a Christmas contest and I won.  You will want to go to her web site and enjoy all the seasons decorating ideas.  She has a fantastic imagination and an eye for beauty, she just doesn't stop.   It will be an enjoyable visit and I bet you go back.  My lighting wasn't good because of the sun coming in the window but the boxes turned out pretty good.  I received $130.00 worth of Hallmark ornaments.  They are so cute, I'm sorry I couldn't do them justice.  Thank you very much Eileen for the give-away.

I thought this was a pretty good ending to 2014 year.  May God bless our next one.  I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Twas The Night Blog Hop

I can't believe Christmas is this close.  Hasn't this hop really helped to bring the season to the for front of our minds.  I'll have to admit I have only a few things made so far, but this has given me more ideas to try since some of them only take a short time to make and are so cute.

I want to thank Mdm. Sam and all of our cheer leaders for all the work and help they have put in this year to help us acquire more friends, skills, and enjoyment of those achievements.
A heart felt Merry Christmas
to all you ladies.

Jane at
has made me a really sweet colorful wallet.  Which I will be able to  use all year long.  I like the fact that I will be able to wash it after much continued use.   The size is great because I don't carry an overly large purse,  The zipper compartment will be used to secure special items.  It even will hold store cards.  It will be carried until thread bare.  Thank you Jane.

Be sure and continue on to the next blogs of this week to see the creation of gifts and ideas that that are being shared.

 Thursday, Nov. 20

Allthingzsewn   you are here
Below you will find the name of everyone who is participating in case you have missed someone.

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Tuesday, Nov. 18

Wednesday, Nov. 19

Thursday, Nov. 20
Allthingzsewn   you are here

Friday, Nov. 21


Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Ghastly Swap

Kathy at had a Ghastlies fabric swap and the bloggers involved have out done themselves with their projects.  The mini wall hanging is what I sent to my swap partner Wendy at

Then I received this lovely table topper from Melinda24.  I used the face of the mini quilt for Halloween .  And I'm using the back side for my fall table top.  I'm so pleased with the multi use

Then I received this lovely table topper from Melinda24.  I used the face of the mini quilt for Halloween .  And I'm using the back side for my fall table top.  I'm so pleased with the multi use

Be sure and go to and browse all the ghastlie projects.  It is sure to be a
a fun treat. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

See You in September

Morning Ladies,

Glad to be back sewing and enjoyed sewing with the Riley Blake Designs gingham.  Got a little cross eyed a couple of times, but it straightened out okay. 8-)  I would like to thank Mdm. Samm and  Shari for the work in getting this Hop together.

  This is my first free hand quilting that I have attempted.  Even though it is a little rough I'm still pleased with it.  After all I can only get better. The pattern called for it to be ragged out.  But the pictures were taken before I washed it.

  Be sure and visit all the blogs participating in this hop.  Go back and visits yesterdays if you haven't,  there were some real nice things.  You may even get some new ideas.

  Don't forget when looking at these pictures, this is my first attempt at quilting 
free motion quilted with bright summer colors,


                              I know, I know, but I gave it a good shot anyway.                            


I had to stitch in the ditch here because of the ragging.

As a last minuet thought I showed part of the back

Oh, by the way I'm changing one of the off colors in my kitchen to red from blue.  As you can see I'm not done yet.  Maybe another hop would take care of that.  That seems to be the only way to get anything done for myself.


Another thing that I made this summer is a quilted pad for a baby cradle that I found in a yard sale.  I just painted it white and an old quilt I had also found that I use for some of my dolls I made to fit the bottom of the cradle.  This I thought would make a good prop for pictures of the dolls on etsy.  I went in the house to get the camera and found Don and Sue trying it out for size.  But it does give you a reference for size.


 I made a white blanket and pillow out of fleece but forgot to put it in.
                                                                   It's Sue's fault

and this pin cushion I made for a friend in the UK , Cally if you are watching then that would be you.

and lastly this little sofftie was made out of scrapes from a vintage 
womens jacket.

Well, there you go, hope you found something you liked,  or maybe something sparked an idea for you.
I would enjoy hearing from you.  Be sure and visit the other blogs listed below, and have a good time.

Hope you enjoy the hop and have a Blessed day.

I notices by some of this mornings 
comments I stated that wrong,I 
should have said free motion quilting.
I was referring mainly to the outside
row.  Sorry about that.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Would you GIVE AWAY your HALO?

Listen up ladies, Lana  .... is having a nice give away.  But you have to hurry because it ends Friday.  I just received the email yesterday so don't get mad at me. :-)
Here goes, hope you make it in time.  
Posted: 13 Aug 2014 08:12 AM PDT
Quilt Halo - Free Motion Quilting Tool

I love little gadgets...
don't you?

I found this little beauty
and thought...

Are YOU into free-motion quilting?


This my friends...
is a

Quilt Halo 

Free Motion Quilting Tool

It is described as: 
Giving great support and control when quilting
Rubberized, weight, and metal
Safe to use with any domestic quilting machine
it replaces the need for quilting gloves or embroidery hoops


Let's have a little 


If you would like to enter...

1. Leave a comment here telling me what 
you are working on right now...

2. If you would like another chance to win,
become a follower - comment again to let me know!

3. For a third chance to win,
Mention this GIVEAWAY on your blog!
Be sure and come back and comment with the link!


Didn't I mention THIS would come with it?


Now let's get 

Happy Hump Day!

I will choose a winner on 

Good Luck!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Making new friends

I have joined a group of ladies on "ETSY". They appear to be from all over the United States and several other countries. The ones I've actually talked with so far are nice and very patience. This group is a bunch of energized women that encourage each other to prepare their places of business for the upcoming holidays by giving tips, coming up with new ways to get their name in the public's eye, critiquing each others pages etc.

 I'm going to introduce some of them as I visit their blogs and find beautiful and interesting pieces of what they share with their viewers. You too might find new friends. So grab your beverage of choice and here we go.

Lin has a quick sense of humor and seems to enjoy helping others.  She has pulled me out of trouble a couple of times when I get frustrated with catching on to different concepts of building  my business.  She helps me laugh and get over myself.

    Lin is refreshingly unique in the look of her art of creating collages and cards . 
her four pieces (in the middle) at the New Hope Gallery is a fine example of her canvas art, she also makes cards of several styles..

I would like these in my master bath room  with lots of frilly things around.  I don't think hubby would care for that though.

I'm getting ready for a couple of the blog hops coming soon so you should see more of me. Check out these               hops you might want to join.
This should be a great time by all, and if you'r not able to join in, then just come by and see the fun.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Living with Santa

Hello all,
Those of you who have read some of my earlier posts know that I live with Santa, making things here a little different time to time.

Coming home from work Tuesday evening June 24th., ( pre Christmas Eve)  I had a makeshift Christmas tree on my counter with Feliz Navidad  playing in the air...

On my counters were paintings by Santa of Santa and a snowman

Proceeding on to the living room was a toasty fire and a Christmas DVD ready for an evening's viewing.

Pre-Christmas Morning (June the 25th) When I got up to make the coffee, Santa had arrived.

I had to get ready for work and forgot to take pic of our treasures wrapped in newspaper.  However I did put mine back on the counter to show off.  We just get each other small inexpensive things that each other will use for fun.

Our youngest daughter (Jessica 37yrs old I think) is staying with us for a short time,  Picked me some beautiful wildflowers and made Santa some cheddar/bacon filled biscuits  . I snitched one, they were really good.  Santa got me a book and watering can.
It made for a good time.  My hubby is one of a kind.  A keeper.

Be safe, huggs

Friday, June 27, 2014

I Won! I Won!

          I want to thank Paula Hughes for her "sewing machine mat" give away at        

Is this not the cutest thing and now I can find my seam ripper and magnifier glass that would normally be  under all the paper and fabric.  Don't let me fool you my real sewing table is never this clear.

She has some great tutorials  and  beautiful quilts she shares.  There is always something to learn there.  You'll want to go and visit with her..

Thanks one more time Paula.