Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Resolutions Don't Work, But Just Maybe......

I have never done the "word" thing but this year in place of resolutions, my word is kindness.. The resolutions never worked for me anyway, and that is what they were "FOR ME".
When I put some thought to it the word kindness is what I do for someone else.

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to do so.  Which leads me to believe
that kindness won't stay in the for thought of my mind without reminders..  I want it to become the most natural thing for me.  I want to cut back on the gee I wish I had thought to..... moments.  So I'm thinking of ways to become more aware of what is going on around me.

I have too many post-its now, I would never notice another one sooooo....I see more crafting in my future.  And you thought I was kidding.



     This really spoke to me,  I'm going to do something with this first.  It will be quick and easy.
Then I will sew next, it will come to me.  I find that while I'm sewing or embroidering that I'm think about why and what I'm working on, which implant it more deeply in my mind and broadens the perspective.  


Blessings to you and yours,

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Very Special Appeal

I'm reposting

Hi, all!

This evening, I have a very special appeal to share with you, something near and dear to my heart.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to read this post, and join me in becoming part of this story!

This quilt may look familiar to many of you... may this beautiful face and smile!

For those of you who are more recent-comers to this blog, the little girl is Savannah, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2006 at the age of six.  As part of our quilt ministry, we made a quilt for Savannah in January of 2011.  Unfortunately, Savannah went home to God in March of 2011, and is dancing with the angels now.  

Savannah's story (posted hereherehere, and here) has been the most-viewed story on my blog, with well over 6000 views.  Being part of her story has taught me more about the love of God than any other single event in my life, and continues to amaze me.  

So now to the heart of today's post.  This morning when I got on Facebook, I saw this beautiful face smiling at me, and the following post and appeal from Savannah's mom:

Please read.  I need your help!

In one month, on February 23, 2016, my sweet daughter, Savannah would have turned 16 years old.  While I may not be able to bake her a cake, throw her a party or take her to get her driver's license, I CAN do something special in her memory to celebrate the amazing person she was during her eleven years on this earth.  During her battle against childhood cancer, we were blessed with a tremendous amount of love, support, kindness and generosity from family, friends and strangers.  She may not be a patient at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital anymore, but there are many, many children who are now or will be in the future.  These children will have to endure chemo, radiation, CT scans, PET scans, MRI's, blood and platelet transfusions, bone marrow biopsies, surgeries, clinic visits, hospital stays and much much more was they sacrifice their innocence and childhood.  NO child should have to experience any of this, but they do...7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Speaking from our personal experience, I will tell you it takes seemingly small things to bring these children smiles, joy and happiness.  One of these "small things" that Savannah loved and appreciated was socks.  Yes, socks!  Socks that were fuzzy, warm, colorful, fun, silly and could be worn during her time at Vandy and at home.

I'd like to donate as many pairs of new socks as possible to the boys and girls at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital on February 23, 2016, Savannah's Sweet 16 birthday.  Please help me in this very special mission to show some kindness to these courageous children and celebrate my little girl's day of birth.

You can either drop them off in a special purple bin on our front porch (if you're local) or mail them to me at:  

     Savannah's Sweet 16 Sock Drive
     C/O Robin Landes
     1809 Brisbane Lane
     Mt. Juliet, TN   37122

Please share and spread the word and help me show Savannah she will always be remembered!


I hope you will join me in helping fulfill Robin's wish and making Savannah's Sweet 16 birthday a day of joy and remembrance, as we bring a little bit of joy and happiness to a child with cancer.  It's such a small thing - and you too can be a part of the story!  

You can even participate without even moving from your computer - there are some great choices on Amazon, many with Prime free two day shipping - that you can have sent directly to Robin in plenty of time!  Just search "colorful children's socks" and you'll see some fabulous choices!  They are looking for any size from baby to teenager, colorful and cheerful that will brighten up a child's day.  

Let's flood Robin with socks to celebrate Savannah's Sweet 16, and bring joy and happiness to lots of sweet children!

This is such an easy small thing you can do to help put a smile on a child's face. And that helps ease the parents heart at that moment.  

                                                     Blessings to you and your's,

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I never thought!

But I do now.  I don't know about you, but I try to be very thoughtful while using my rotary cutter, or any sharp hand held tool.  I've been cut a few times in my younger years (not with a rotary) with need of stitches. And I'm always reminding kids and adult grands to be careful while helping with various tasks while here.
Well here is some food for thought....

           While cutting the borders for this quilt I was thinking I needed to change blades as it was no longer cutting smoothly.  I only had a couple of strips to go so I waited.

These are my brand new Brooks Ariel's, which I got for Christmas and wear for my legs and back.

As I was turning my fabric it seems I knocked off my dull rotary cutter.

I never entertained the thought of cutting my foot with the cutter.   Thank God it was dull, can you imagine how much worse this could have been.  I know normally a dull blade is more dangerous because of the force of pushing it through fabric.  But in this case I was blessed and it stop with my socks.  But what if it had been summer? How many of you cut fabric while barefoot or wearing sandals?  Or maybe I'm the only that hadn't thought about dropping it.  But just in case, here is  a little thought that might help.

Any thought of how to fix this shoe?  I won't be gifted another pair until my birthday in May. 
I want to post this while I was thinking about it.  I'm gonna sew for the first time since Christmas.
Have great day and stay warm.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

what a bust!

New Years was yes, definitely a bust.  I caught some kinda bug was sick by Wednesday, and still
sneezing,coughing and blowing.  Now I am thankful this is all that is going on at this time, however I do have a small surgery coming up in the next couple of weeks. Not a biggie either, but I still would rather started my new year a little better.   I'm just gonna say I got the yucky stuff over with early and only good stuff from now on. Yeah, that works for me.

While I have my before pictures of my messy sewing room ready to download, I'm not posting them.
It seems that most of us have the same bad habits  by visiting your blogs for Jan.  So in between the hacking and blowing I have decided to not just clean the area but to come up some different storage ideas ( for me anyway).  Hoping this will help me stay organized.  As I get an area totally finished then I'll share the before and after photos.  
But why is it though it never seems to stay that way.  Why don't we just put stuff away when we finish a project or go shopping for fabric.

Maybe I need more space, but then I would just fill it with more fabric.  Why do we love buying fabric so much, is it the colors?  Then I should enjoy buying groceries. NOT!  How about the feel of the different fabrics, then I should enjoy doing the laundry.   Not too bad.....but still a no.
It is a good meeting place for others with the same passion,  but then we could do that with
with joining a guild and be a whole lot cheaper.  That is a big No!  I would have to buy more fabric. Been there done that.  NO, NO, NO, I have a stash.  See what I mean.  Why do you enjoy  buying fabric?  Now I know we all have a creative gland, that goes without saying.  But would probably be more creative to use what we already have.

My friend Sarah at  gave me food for thought about our sewing rooms accumulated mess.  You   might find an idea or two yourself.  Hope to feel better in another day to start something small             anyway.  Most coughing and sneezing is over but I gotta go blow.  Poor nose.

Blessing and be safe,