Monday, July 17, 2017

5th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge Begins!

Val's Quilting Studio

I joined this challenge once before, and I kept forgetting to put anything in the bank.
This being the bank.

This year will be totally different, I have a motive for joining.  My daughter wants me to join her on their vacation next year in the Carolinas.  If I'm to go, I have to feed this puppy.  Of course I'm sure I will like the beach, but I'm think quilting shops.

If you think this is something you would like to take part in, just click the following link or badge on my sidebar.   
August 1st is the deadline.

You have met Maggie before, but not Casper.  Casper is about 17 yrs. old and we have had her and  16 feral siblings since they were born.  We were finally able to tame, fix  and find homes for all except her.  It took about two years, that's why so many kitties.  Any how, we knew she was there because food would be gone in the morning.  At that time we weren't feeding anything but her.  Hence the name Casper.  We were surprised when we found out she was all black.  I'm still the only one who can pet her and after 17 yrs can finally pick her up....

I'm trying to get rid of the musty odor in this suitcase to use as a prop at an upcoming craft show.
I had baking soda in it.  I could not get a picture after she got out,  She seem not to like the camera.

Well, short and sweet.  I gotta go and reline this suitcase.

Hugs and blessing


  1. What a great motivation to save your spare change! So glad you're joining for the challenge once again. :)

    1. HI Tonia! Well, how did ya do in your coin savings this year?? Share with us this week.

  2. What a great challenge. Saving money is never easy, lol. 'Hope you save enough for the trip. Casper is cute :)

  3. Cute kitty! Casper is a very fitting name for a ghost cat! Good luck with your savings. I still need to do a blog post about my piggy bank. It's certainly not as nice as yours!

  4. Hi Tonia good luck with your saving,what a lovely story about casper,lol,love that its all black,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  5. I read not only this post but your previous post. I think more people read your post than respond because some people follow you by email and don't come to the website. Guilty as charged here. I adore this post about the kitties. That takes patience to tame that many feral kitties. Bless you! Also, it takes patience to love others as Jesus loves you. Please never think you are alone. Also, glad to know the marriage is going better. I've been through two - one where he walked out on me and one I could not take care of him - we were both disabled and I just could not take care of both of us and he refused to go to assisted living with or without me. It was difficult each time. However, I'm better now than in each marriage even with the physical pain which comes and goes. I know God has a purpose for me and I believe I knoww what two of them are. I love that people from Kentucky wear no shoes. I'm originally from West Virginia and once I hit the door here in OK, I have no shoes on my feet and usually no socks. I say that and right now I have socks because my feet need to have treatment because they are dry. Thanks for your posts and keep believing in God and others - there are some good people out there and you can influence them and the others, too. Blessings my friend!

  6. I might try that spare change thing. I am sick of my purse being weighed down with loose coins. I suspect I won't save much because though I never THOUGHT I would, I am loving using the Debit Card.

    My SIL cares for feral cats. She has tamed 3 and taken them into her house. She also has two that she has neutered that live outside, but have quite a nice place to sleep in her garage. She loves them all. The ones that live inside never show themselves when we visit.
    xx, Carol

  7. Good luck with the challenge Tonia. I participated a couple of years ago and it worked out pretty well. I mostly use a debit card and do not have an opportunity to get change very often so I just watch from the sidelines now.

    Casper's story is amazing. She looks so cute in the suitcase.

  8. Ooh a beach holiday. Of course quilting shops thrown in as well would add the perfect touch. Sweet photo of Casper in the suitcase. Happy saving!

  9. I would love to take part in the spare change save, but I never have cash (or at least very rarely). I use my debit card for everything. Casper looks so sweet - and the suitcase is a perfect hidey-hole for her. As for the suitcase smell - I've heard that stuffing it with crumpled newspaper and leaving it for a couple of weeks will help. Never tired it, so don't know if it does work.

  10. good luck on the piggy bank challenge, having a goal makes the saving much more fun.

  11. Cute kitty! Casper is a very fitting name for a ghost cat! Good luck with your savings. I still need to do a blog post about my piggy bank. It's certainly not as nice as yours!


  12. Casper is an adorable kitty. i am sure he will make that suitcase nice again!

  13. Good luck with your savings! What a cute cat.


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